All-in-one video conferencing solutions

All-in-one video solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ for today’s smart office. Join meetings with just one touch and enjoy a full Microsoft Teams experience. Enhance collaboration with full HD video, exceptional voice pickup and noise cancellation – powered by EPOS AI™

The times, they are a changin.. whereas the focal point of the meeting room has, to date, been the Conference Unit placed in a central position around which participants are gathered, now, following the 2020 and 2021 enforced remote working situation, video conferencing has been adopted by the new normal and appears to be so engrained in business practices that it will be whatever becomes normal next.

With the EXPAND Vision 3T from EPOS we see an innovative and high quality product which streamlines the process of setting up a video conference room whilst also ensuring that the remote meetings themselves allow a hassle free and comfortable audio visual environment.

EXPAND Vision 3T – Teams ready all in one video conferencing solution for business.

With more and more meetings taking place remotely and with a greater likelihood of a scattered and disparate workforce video conferencing has come to the fore. The EPOS Expand Vision series brings high quality and intelligent collaboration and is easy to install and use.

High Quality Build

Intuitive and Intelligent

Remote Management, Simple Deployment and AI Features

Login to your Teams meeting with just one touch and no need for a PC. The EXPAND Vision 3T, certified and running Microsoft Teams Rooms, is a simple and intuitive device designed specifically for focus and small meeting rooms of up to 7 participants.

EPOS AI™ – a machine learning system embedded in EPOS audio devices that processes audio and takes decisions independently. By interacting with advanced beamforming and noise reduction algorithms, this system enables the device to automatically adapt to your speech while studying your sound environment .


It really is : plug and play

Premium, Scandinavian design

Empower your meeting room

Welcome your remote colleagues into the meeting room with intelligent video conferencing equipment. The EXPAND Vision 3 Series keeps everyone in the picture and ensures their voices are heard. Enjoy video conferencing as it should be – easy and ready to go when you are.