Versatility telephone system reset up

If your Versatility V telephone or any analog telephone is not ringing on incoming calls, go to the Versatility V8 featurephone at extension 20* in your office, this is the programming handset and you will be able to redo your Versatility telephone system set up.

On that handset you will see a programming key with a spanner icon. top left, above the screen.

Press this key.

  • Scroll down using the up down arrows on the phone until you get to System programming and press the corresponding key.
  • You will be asked to key in a password which is set at default to 1111.
  • Scroll through the programming options until you get to Ringing.
  • Change the ringing to 50Hz.

The Versatility telephone system reset up will now ring on both external incoming and internal incoming calls.

*If you do not know which phone is on extension 20, simply press the programming/spanner icon button on every V8 phone until you find it. If it is the wrong phone, a message will briefly appear telling you you can not program via this phone.

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