Uses for a headset in business

Business is about data, data is about communications and there is little doubt that one of the most liberating products in terms of productivity, comfort and job satisfatcion is a good headset. A headset allows the hands to operate other things and alleviates the stress of holding ( or craning to the neck ) a telephone handset. This, once simple, product has morphed into many different styles and forms and is used in a multitide of business environments. Here we look at some of the most popular scenarios for business headset useage.

business headsets


Nowhere is the headset more necessary than in a busy contact centre.A call centre scenario will often have many people in the same area simultaneously engaged in calls.
Headsets for this environment are often simple, lightweight, wired headsets with noise cancelling.
Noise cancellation minimises the distraction of background noise for both operator and customer - allowing the call center worker to focus on the call and the customer to hear the operator clearly.
Two eared ( or binaural ) headsets allow complete concentration on the call for such a workplace.

Top contact center headsets include the Sennheiser Century SC 660, the Plantronics HW510 Encorepro and the Jabra Biz 2400 models.

business headsets


Many people work in offices. Many of these offices are bustling places with a great deal of multitasking.
Of course there are hundreds of roles with in the workplace. Most of these roles do involve communication - either internally or externally and a good headset makes that all the easier.
Many offices will have some sort of Unified Communications and it is likely that some working roles will require a headset that is slightly more sophisticated than the basic call centre headset.
Some workers may wish to wear a single eared ( monaural ) headset so that they can still confer with colleagues whilst wearing it.

Top headsets for the busy office include the Jabra Evolve 30, Avalle Verso Binaural Headset and the Sennheiser SC75 models.

business headsets


For the busy executive alone in her/ his office the choice of headset is wide. In many cases such as these style and advanced functionality can be expected.
This may in part be due to necessity and in part due to people in the higher echelons of business do come to expect a higher grade or product than the rest, and further, there is not the pressure to achieve economies of scale when buying just one headset.
Top of the range headsets may include multi connectivity options such as Bluetooth™, DECT and USB with call controls on the base station as well as on the headset itself.

Top executive headsets include the Sennheiser SDW 5016, Plantronics Savi W710-M and the Jabra Engage 75 models.

business headsets


In this age of Unified Communications, remote working and working on the move there is a new concept in business headset design which apes the design of the classic in car headset.
This is a lightweight, over the ear, Bluetooth headset that can be connected to multiple devices.
It can simultaneously be used to connect to an enterprise UC network whilst also accepting media from connected mobile phones and tablets.

Top UC headsets include the Plantronics Voyager Legend, Sennheiser Presence Business Bluetooth Headset and the Jabra Stealth headsets.


Of course, not everyone works in an office [ see earlier blog post ] and there are a great many headsets for other environments such as Industry, Rail, Construction and Tactical available from Peltor and other suppliers.

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