Communication devices such as telephones, headsets, conferencing units all provide wonderful ways in which to keep connected in the business environment.
Many of these devices can talk to each other wirelessly via DECT or Bluetooth, but the majority of devices require some sort of wired connection whether it is how to connect the correct headset to your phone or system or to link up to another device.

Similarly many telecoms devices have ‘consumables’ or optional extras involved in their operation, be it pads for headsets, leads for telephones or power supplies. Sometimes these parts can break or become worn; or just replacing them can breathe new life into an old product.

Here we look at some of the most popular and sometimes surprising requests we deal with on a regular basis.


Whilst some desktop business phones and even conferencing units are POE ( Power over Ethernet ) many do still require a powered connection. Some models are supplied without and then it comes to play that you have add on modules or extension microphones that require additional power; or you may relocate your unit to somewhere that does not provide POE; in some instances of course a power adapter may be lost or broken.


Headsets connect to telephones in a variety of ways. Often headsets are sold without a connection lead as these are dependent upon the type of phone or phone system that the headset will be required to connect to. In some circumstances the type of connectivity required may change so new leads will be necessary or unfortunately leads do get broken at times.

Also we provide various training cables which allow a secondary person/ supervisor to listen in on a call whilst training a staff member.


Most devices require a lead or cord to connect to the network. The aptly named ‘curly cord’ is a perennial favourite. They generally terminate in a RJ11 plug and can connect many different devices, providing fast transmission and, the longer they are, the facility to place your phone or conference unit wherever you like.


Replacement or enhanced ear cushions are a popular choice as when a headset is used heavily the ear cushions can become dirty or damaged or just lose their comfort factor. We supply replacement or upgraded ear cushions for most headset manufacturers such as Plantronics , Sennheiser, Jabra and Avalle. Leatherette ear cushions provide padding, comfort and passive noise suppression for the user.


Also in the mix are the following items :

  • wall mounting kits for phones
  • handset lifters ( such as the Sennheiser HSL10 Lifter and Plantronics HL10 Lifter; which allow a wireless headset to be used with a phone that would not usually support connection
  • hygiene kits – some headset manufacturers have the option of replacing the cushions and the rear infills
  • extension leads – increases the length of a standard phone socket’s lead
  • loud bell ringer – these are useful in noisy workplaces where a louder than normal ring is necessary

There a a great many spare parts available for your telecoms which can add to functionality or just renew tired kit – please feel free to email us using the form here or call us on 0844 824 6664 if there is anything specific we can help you find.