UC and Teams Endpoints for Meetings

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work, Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams have become essential tools for organizations to stay connected and productive. As these platforms continue to gain prominence, the demand for high-quality endpoints and devices has surged. Headsets, speakerphones, and conference bars have witnessed significant advancements to meet the evolving needs of users.


Headsets have long been a fundamental component of UC and collaboration tools, enabling clear communication and enhanced productivity – keeping ones hands free to use keyboard/ mouse. In recent years, the market has seen an upsurge in advanced features and functionality. Modern headsets are now equipped with noise-canceling technology, hifi quality sound ensuring that users can focus on their work without external distractions. Additionally, they often offer intelligent voice recognition and AI-driven features for an even more seamless experience. Teams Certified Headsets assure the user that a certain level of interactivity with Teams will be met as well as a high level of quality on all fronts.

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics, (and soon to be known as HP) is one of the prominent players in the headset industry. Their Voyager and Blackwire series of headsets offer impressive audio quality, active noise cancellation, and integration with Microsoft Teams. EPOS, another leading brand, offers high-end headsets like the ADAPT and IMPACT series, designed for professional use. These headsets are known for their exceptional audio quality and comfort as well as seamless Teams integration.

Jabra, a company renowned for its innovative solutions, has introduced the Evolve2 and Engage series. These headsets provide outstanding audio performance and offer features such as busy lights to signal your availability, making them ideal for the modern workplace.

Staff Favourites include the cordless DECT EPOS IMPACT 5066 , the wired USB Poly Blackwire 3325, the DECT Jabra Engage 55 and the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Headsets.


Speakerphones are vital for users who need to participate in meetings from shared spaces or individual offices. They have evolved to offer top-notch audio quality, echo cancellation, and beamforming technology for capturing the speaker’s voice while eliminating background noise.

Poly’s Sync series, offers portable and professional-grade speakerphones that are compatible with Microsoft Teams. These devices are compact and easily connect to laptops and mobile devices, making them ideal for on-the-go professionals.

Jabra’s Speak2 Series are one of the most beautifully designed speakerphones which are a joy to use in almost any meeting situation. They have a massive 32 hour battery life and IP64 rating – take them anywhere.

EPOS has also made its mark in this space with the EXPAND series, featuring speakerphones that deliver crystal-clear audio and seamless Microsoft Teams integration. These devices are well-suited for huddle rooms and open office environments.

Staff Favourites include the Bluetooth Jabra Speak2 75, the sleek Poly Sync 40+ and the compact classic that is the EPOS EXPAND 40

Conference Bars

Conference bars, also known as soundbars, have become a preferred choice for equipping meeting rooms with audio and video conferencing capabilities. They are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and are often integrated with AI-driven technology to optimize the meeting experience. They differ from the more complex and involved room solutions in that they are an all in one BYOD solution for a meeting, delivering a full audio-visual experience.

Poly’s Studio and Trio series are highly regarded for their video and audio conferencing capabilities. These conference bars provide seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and support advanced features such as automatic speaker tracking and noise-blocking technology.

EPOS has also stepped into the conference bar market with its EXPAND Vision series, offering high-quality video and audio for a superior meeting experience. These bars are equipped with cameras, microphones, and speakers, making them a comprehensive solution for collaboration spaces.

Jabra’s PanaCast series further contribute to the enhancement of meeting room setups. The PanaCast cameras offer a wide field of view, and embedded AI making them an excellent choice for organizations using Microsoft Teams.

AudioCodes and Yealink also provide a range of meeting solutions, from video bars to full room set ups.

Staff Favourites include the UHD Poly Studio R30 USB Video Bar, the Jabra PanaCast 50, the AudioCodes RXV80-B15 and the Yealink A10-015 TEAMS MeetingBar

In conclusion, the latest trends in UC and Microsoft Teams endpoints and devices revolve around enhancing audio and video quality, improving ease of use, and delivering a seamless collaboration experience. Industry leaders like Poly, EPOS, AudioCodes, Yealink and Jabra have consistently innovated to meet these demands, offering a wide range of headsets, speakerphones, and conference bars. With the evolution of remote and hybrid work, these devices have become essential tools for businesses seeking to stay connected and productive in the digital age.

It is always worth mentioning that a lot of choice for your tech will come down to personal preference – be it swayed by brand loyalty, look and feel or just familiarity. We have tried to include some of our favourite models from each of the portable endpoint sections. Have a look through our website or get in touch with the team here should you wish further advice.