With the advent of the fully connected workplace with Skype for Business and Unified Communications making rapid headway with respect to traditional PABX systems, we are getting asked more and more for USB headsets. Headsets come, in general with a plethora of leads ( the RJ11 being the most common to date ) which allow connection to a variety of business telephones and systems – with some more modern systems all that is required is a USB lead on your headset for full functionality.

Here we look at some top USB headsets – for business use primarily – though there is no reason one could not use one at home.

Avalle Defero 1 USB Headset

Avalle Defero 1 USB HeadsetWe started off with this headset because it is not only of good quality ad durability, but it also is well priced.
It has a noise cancelling microphone, a ratcheted boom arm for easy adjustment, lightweight construction and soft ear cushions.
This headset can be worn all day and is a favourite in many a call center. Avalle headsets are designed in the UK and offer a more affordable alternative to the more ‘established’ brands.
View the Avalle Defero 1 here »

Sennheiser SC30

Sennheiser SC30 USB HeadsetSennheiser are famed for their high quality audio and this low entry cost headset is no anomaly.
A monaural headset which has call control features incorporated into the lead, the Sennheiser SC30 provides a lightweight headset with wideband sound and a noise cancelling microphone.
It is certified for use with Skype for Business ( formerly Microsoft Lync ) and can be used with any Unified Communications system.
It, being a Sennheiser model at a low cost make this a good choice for equipping a few staff members on a new Hosted IP system.
View the Sennheiser SC30 here »

JPL 302 USB2 Headset

JPL 302 USB2 Headset USB HeadsetIf you are looking for a cheap USB headset then the JPL 302 deserves some attention.
It is a binaural USB headset and comes with a control on the cable which allows quick and easy access to mute and volume control. It also incorporates USB2 for faster data transfer which further enhances the sound quality.
The headset has acoustic shock protection which prevents sudden of sharp sounds from damaging an operator’s ears.
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Jabra Evolve 20 USB Mono Headset

Jabra Evolve 20 USB HeadsetThe Jabra Evolve 20 is the starter headset from the stunning Evolve range from Jabra.
It has Wideband Audio, Noise cancelling and an in-line control which allows access to volume, mute and answer and end call.
It comes in a generic version as well as a Skype for Business certified model. It is monaural which is a perfect set up for those wishing to confer with colleagues during the course of the working day.
It is, in essence the same model as the Jabra Evolve 30 but the 30 has leatherette ear cushions rather than the basic foam ones sported by the 20.
View the Jabra Evolve 20 USB Mono Headset here »

Plantronics Blackwire C3220

Plantronics Blackwire C3220 USB HeadsetNo list of top headsets would be complete without mention of at least a few Plantronics products – they could be called the Microsoft of the headset world as they are relied upon rather than worshipped.
Anyway the Blackwire 3220 is a binaural headset which has inline controls, Wideband audio and Digital Signal Processing ( DSP ) .
On top of these functions it also allows stereo sound and Soundguard for aural protection.
It is an enterprise level headset which is Skype for Business certified.
View the Plantronics Blackwire C3220 here »

Plantronics Blackwire C720

Plantronics Blackwire C720 USB HeadsetThe Blackwire C720 is a high specification binaural headset with top of class functionality and audio.
It has the additional feature of allowing connection via Bluetooth™ which allows music ( or indeed take mobile calls from your desk ).
It has large foam ear pads which have LED’s which display your call status for colleagues’ reference and a detachable cable so you can wander away from desk or work station without having to remove your headset.
View the Plantronics Blackwire C720 here »

Sennheiser DW10 Office

Sennheiser DW10 Office USB HeadsetThe Sennheiser DW10 takes USB headsets into a new zone – that of wireless.
It comes with a USB dongle which connects to the headset via DECT up to 180m away and the batteries will last a good 12 hours.
The headset comes with a desktop charging station which uses fast charging ( a 20 minute charge for four hours use ).
The Sennheiser DW10 Office headset is a favourite in our office due to its comfort and easy wearing style.
View the Sennheiser DW10 Office here »

Jabra Evolve 75

Jabra Evolve 75 USB HeadsetThe Jabra Evolve 75 is Jabra’s latest headset in the Evolve series.
It is a binaural headset with dual Blueetooth™ connectivity allowing, in fact designed for, an increased level of concentration for workers.
It has HD Voice as well as Advanced Noise cancellation.
Like the preceding Sennheiser the Evolve 75 has a desktop charging stand and a dongle for USB connection. It, however, works over bluetooth for all connectivity.
It is compatible with all UC systems, including, of course, Skype for Business.
View the Jabra Evolve 75 here »

Jabra Biz 2300 USB

Jabra Biz 2300 USB HeadsetThe jabra Biz 2300 is rapidly becoming a style classic with a lightweight yet durable build – a design that makes it eminently suitable for busy workers of in call centres.
It does include inline call control as well as a Kevlar reinforced cord for additional longevity.
Its two comfortable ear cushions provide great protection from distracting background noise.
When used with VoIP systems such as UC or Skype for Business the Jabra Biz 2300
View the Jabra Biz 2300 USB here »

Plantronics Savi W730

Plantronics Savi W730  USB HeadsetThe Savi W730 from Plantronics is what is termed, an intelligent headset.
To start with there is a desktop charging stand and a USB dongle to connect to the earpiece.
We say earpiece as this is not your ordinary over the head headset ( like the Jabra Motion ), rather it is a lightweight over the ear more commonly associated with in car headsets.
That said the sleek earpiece has full Digital Signal Processing which delivers a very natural voice sound and it has one touch call controls as well.
This intelligent, top of the range headset can make and accept calls from PC, UC Platform, Mobile all at once with ease – even routing calls to mobile should the headset be out of range.
View the Plantronics Savi W730 here »

If you would like more information on buying a USB headset for your business then feel free to contact us on 0844 824 6664 or contact us here

NB – this list is by no means definitive – there are many others to choose from and your personal preference will often take precedence over what we consider to be the best.