Top Products for Business Travel

Business is often conducted in the office but as business is something that takes place between separate parties it is common to have to travel for business.
Business travel takes many forms: from commuting on the train ( a time when many people work ); going to meetings or conferences nationally; doing presentations or, of course, international travel.

Here we look at some of the products and devices which can not only facilitate working whilst travelling but can also be used for a little downtime as well.


If you are travelling on business by car you may wish to wear one of the lightweight over the ear headsets such as the Plantronics Voyager series or indeed the Sennheiser Presence or Jabra Stealth.
These are all Bluetooth headsets which will not only allow connection to your phone whilst driving, but also act as a fully fledged Unified Communications endpoint whilst used in the workplace.
Of course there are better acoustic options if listening to music is a priority ( or indeed preventing extraneous background noise whilst working ) in the form of some of the binaural Bluetooth headsets such as the Sennheiser MB660 and the Jabra Evolve 75 - these, we hear, are particularly useful when watching a film on a train or plane.
Some of these headsets also come with a carry case so that when not in use they are well protected from potential damage.

business travel headsets


Travelling often involves business meetings or conferences.
Whilst the staid environment involves a wooden table with a Polycom SoundStation; a more modern take on business travel may well have a meeting arranged in a pop up meeting room with a portable conference speaker pulled out of a bag and ready to handle all parties from a much smaller and more convenient product.
Perhaps the most popular exponent of this concept is the Sennheiser SP20, this is a surprisingly powerful and portable speakerphone.
The Sennheiser SP20 delivers good enough sound to play music through or to use in conjunction with a laptop or iPad for movie/ presentation listening.
Of course, this is a business telecoms product so the main focus in a workplace should be that it has the options of 2.5mm or USB connection,; offers clear duplex two way speech and is plug and play.
The Sennheiser SP20 is also fully compatible with Unified Communications such as Skype for Business - and comes with a lovely carry case. Other notable portable speakerphones/ conferencing units include the Jabra Speak 710 ( which also has Bluetooth™ ) and the Plantronics Calisto Series.

business travel speakers

So, if you are off on a business trip, have a thought about ways in which to make the most of your business communications strategy whilst thinking of how you can best enjoy your downtime. We also suggest bringing along a decent powerbank to make sure your tablet or smartphone stay charged and a nice pair of sunglasses - unless travelling in the UK.