Headsets are one of the main ways in which many people in offices all over communicate on a daily basis.
They, of course, should give good sound, they should be comfortable, lightweight and durable and easy to use. A good headset will increase efficiency and staff contentedness.
In addition to these basic attributes many interesting features have involved in the workplace to truly make them a pleasure to use.
We look at the first few that came to mind – the list below is not exhaustive.

Active Light

headset busy lightWhen you are in the office on a call the last thing you want is a colleague vying for your attention.
Some headsets now have an integral LED or light in order to let your coworkers know that you are on a call.
These are often referred to as a ‘busy light‘. This has been elegantly implemented in the latest Jabra Evolve and Jabra Engage headsets – designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

Noise-cancelling microphone

In a busy work environment, background noise can be a distraction – especially for your listener.
A noise cancelling microphone can make communications far easier by blocking out distracting noise.
This can be especially useful in a busy office or call centre.


Some headsets will come with a basic inline ( on the cable ) call control option which allows mute/ unmute, volume control and call pick up and end from easy to access buttons.
More advanced ‘executive’ headsets may now have touchscreens on the base station allowing greater interactivity and control/


Modern headsets are built with protection mind to prevent ear damage due to sudden sharp bursts of noise ( referred to as acoustic shock ).
Sennheiser use their patented ActiveGard® technology to achieve this whilst Plantronics have SoundGuard and Anti-startle. Jabra’s own are labelled Peakstop™ – which prevents spikes and Safetone™ which ensures average sound levels do not exceed those suggested by the Noise at Work regulations.

Optional Connectivity

headset connectivityWith the rise of Unified Communications and Skype for Business the headset has become a primary UC endpoint.
The high sound quality of many models lends them to pleasure listening as well and, indeed, many wired business headsets (such as the Sennheiser SC range ) now also comprise a 3.5mm jack plug for connection to audio devices.
Of course Bluetooth™ lends itself supremely to connectivity choices, many models allowing simultaneous connection to multiple devices ( the new Jabra Engage range will connect to up to five devices :deskphone, softphone, analogue phone and 2 Bluetooth ) .

Choice of wearing styles

The classic wearing style of a business headset is the over the head – with a boom mic.
Many headsets now offer behind the neck or just over the ear options.
The advent of the UC Bluetooth™ over the ear headset has ushered in the unobtrusive over the ear Plantronics Voyager Style – that can be worn all day. The Avalle Verso headset can be converted from monaural to binaural by virtue of its innovative design.

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