Yealink have recently brought to the market some great turnkey solutions for the meeting room. Unified Communications and, perhaps mroe notably, Microsoft Teams have ushered in a new era of remote collaboration with the MVC systems. These systems include all one requires for the set up and operation of a seamless meeting/ conference/ huddle room environment in your office. These systems are fully certified and integrated with Microsoft Teams which allow great gains in efficiency and productivity.

The three main offerings in this scenario are the Yealink MVC300, Yealink MVC500 and Yealink MVC800 systems. Let us look at the properties and differences between these.

Yealink MVC300

Designed for small huddle rooms

Yealink MVC300The Yealink MVC500 delivers a native Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience designed for focus and small meeting rooms ( huddle rooms ). Yealink MVC300 Room system us a complete solutions which is comprised of a touch console, content sharing unit and audio and video peripherals – all brought together and controlled by a mini PC. These integral parts are made up of

  • the Yealink UVC30 4k camera – which gives a 120° field of view at a rate of 60 frames per second
  • the Yealink MTouch Console – this is an 8 inch touchscreen with motion sensor, camera control and an intuitive Microsoft interface
  • the Yealink MShare HDMI Ingest – supporting wireless and wireless content sharing
  • the Yealink CP900 Speakerphone– this is a fully duplex, HD voice speakerphone which will cover a room of up to 7 people

All working in sync – these modules add up to a fully featured solution for a small meeting or huddle room

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Yealink MVC500

Designed for small meeting rooms

Yealink MVC500The Yealink MVC500 system adds to the functionality pf the MVC300 with the addition of the Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ Camera – this allows full on video conferencing, which is also supported by a more powerful speaker and microphone set up.

  • the Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ Camera – powerful video camera with 5x zoom, 1080p with a 91° field of view
  • the Yealink CPW90 Microphone and MSpeaker – Wireless DECT microphones with a 50 metre range ensuring full audio coverage

The MVC500 is available in either wired or wireless set ups and delivers a fast and clear video and audio conferencing solution for small rooms.

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Yealink MVC800

Designed for medium to large meeting rooms

teams collaboration

Yealink MVC800For the larger meeting we have the MVC800 complete room system with an upgraded camera system and even more powerful conference units.

  • the Yealink VCM34 Array Microphone and MSpeaker with a 6 meter pick up range this speaker and microphone combination can cover a large meeting or conference room
  • the Yealink UVC80 USB PTZ Camera – 12x Optical Zoom camera with a wide 78° field of view which can pan through 200° and tilt by 60° – giving a vibrant 1080p/60FPS video stream for your meeting.

This is a powerful hub for all your external or internal conferencing needs.

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If you require further information about how Yealink’s MVC System Solutions could help your business contact us via the form here or call us on 0844 824 6664 and we will be happy to help.