The Sennheiser Workout

This week our office was lit up by a visit from Sennheiser's team. Charlotte and Jane came to our HQ and we discussed some of Sennheiser's recent innovations in the field of business communications and call centre headset design.
Once that was over we learnt about Sennheiser's commitment to improving health in the workplace with their SENNHEISER WORKOUT concept.
The Sennheiser workout is based on giving workers the freedom to work with the freedom created by wearing a wireless headset whilst encouraging a series of office based exercises.

Inactivity in the Workplace

There has been much research into the ill effects of spending prolonged periods inactive. Indeed many of us spend 9-5 sitting motionless at our desks and this is just no good for the body or mind.
NHS studies have put inactivity as deadly as smoking; it being a cause of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even breast and colon cancers. Overall physical activity was suspected to be responsible for a terrifying list of ailments.
This is, of course, very worrying for sedentary workers but, as Sennheiser point out - this is all completely avoidable with a little foresight.

The Sennheiser Workout

Sennheiser has put together a series of recommended mini office workouts to get your heart pumping a bit and get some activity going throughout the day - rather than just sit there inactive.
This is composed of a series of lifts, runs and presses, guaranteed to make a difference to the day - improving your physical fitness, your health and leading to a better mindset during the working day.

sennheiser workout with wireless headsets

Sennheiser Headset Trial

Of course in order to add a little movement into your working day it would be best to be wearing a wireless headset - you don't want to be leaping up and yanking your entire workstation with you.
With this in mind Sennheiser have introduced a headset trial in which a company can take a wireless headset on trial for a month - application details here and see the difference which is made for employee productivity, satisfaction and, we hope fitness levels with this new initiative.

A full range of Sennheiser Wireless headsets can be seen here.

Sennheiser Wireless Headsets

The Best4Systems Staff in Action

Already here in our office you can see that the staff are taking things seriously and starting to make the best of their working environment to keep themselves moving during the day.
Tom covered himself in glory by achieving 16mph on the treadmill whilst replying to an email.
Sporting wireless headsets we have the ability to make and receive calls whilst having the freedom to walk around the office, have a run on our treadmill or answer support requests whilst planking - the possibilities are endless.
We would love to hear from you on what you do in the office to make a difference to your health rather than sit still all day.
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Sennheiser's Whitepaper On Health In The Office

We hope you enjoy this and get involved in inspiring those around you and, indeed, yourself to keep active.