The most recent addition to Sennheiser’s range of business headsets and is supremely designed for the sort of worker who spends a lot of time on the telephone such as a customer services operative or a call centre worker.
It is lightweight, comfortable and binaural. On top of these necessary characteristics it has a NC ( Noise Cancelling ) microphone and Wideband HD sound.

Being binaural ( two eared ) a wearer of this headset can concentrate on calls without being affected by background noise in the office/ call center.

ActiveGard technology prevents the user being harmed by sudden loud high pitched sounds ( acoustic shock or acoustic spike ) – these can cause long term harm.

The Sennheiser SC260 CIRCLE

The CIRCLE title refers to Sennheiser’s CIRCLEFLEX technology which has been created to make all day wearing even more comfortable. It has a dual hinged ear cup with a soft and hygienic leatherette ear cushion.

Inline Controls

The SC260 also comes with a newly designed inline control unit which gives access to Mute, Call end and Volume controls. It comes with a beautifully designed magnetic holder which keeps the unit in place on your desktop.

The CIRCLE™ Series

The Circle™ SC 230/ SC 260 Series headsets are the work efficiency tools of contact center and office professionals. High quality sound, sleek and robust design and productivity features in the SC 230 and SC 260 professional headsets help your people deliver top performance.

If you are interested in the SC230 II you can view it here, call us on 0844 824 6664 or use the form on the website.