The Poly Savi 7300 Headset Series

The Savi 7310 and the Savi 7320

With hybrid working practices common ( working from home or remotely ) and the potential of a return in the near future to densely packed offices there is an ever increasing necessity to consider security for voice data ( in addition to the GDPR and Privacy Regulations we already follow ) a high spec and fully secure headset could be a very good idea.

The Poly Savi 7300 Series brings two enterprise headsets to the market. These are DECT headsets with Step C security integrated as standard. These models ( available as binaural or monaural ) offer full noise cancelling, perfect audio quality and Poly Acoustic Fence technology to minimise background noise.


Enhanced DECT security greatly minimises the possibility of hacking or accidental transmission of voice data. This makes the Savi 7300 Series perfect for deployment in any business, especially in businesses which deal with sensitive personal information such as financial services, education, governmental organisations and health. In reality, all business information should be treated as sacrosanct and that is why all aspects of data transfer should be risk assessed.


Both of the headsets, the Poly Savi 7310 and the Poly Savi 7320 can connect to PC and Deskphone with a wireless range of up to 180m.

The Poly Savi Headsets also are available in fully certified with Microsoft Teams versions.

Savi 7300 headsets don’t just meet security expectations, they exceed them with secure pairing, 128-bit authentication and military-grade features, such as 256-bit AES encryption. Conversation stay private and secure.


The Poly Savi 7300 Series can be empowered via the Plantronics Manager Pro which is a Headset analytics and management solution allowing IT/ Supervisors to monitor headset use in real time and centrally manage headset firmware.

If you are interested in purchasing the Poly ( formerly Plantronics and Polycom ) Savi headsets then do get in touch with our team.