The New Yealink
BH72 Headset Reviewed

Equally at home in the office or on the road the Yealink BH72 is a Bluetooth headset which has been lovingly crafted and intelligently built so as to provide a comfortable pair of headphones whilst providing enterprise level collaborative features.

We have been lucky enough to put a unit through a testing workday to see how it performs under various conditions.

Well, the BH72 and I got off to a good start, I removed the headset from the box and plugged in the deskstand. I fished out the small USB dongle, I think it is the BT51-A and found a free USB slot on my PC. A long press on the on button on the right hand earpiece brought the headset to life and I was greeted with two messages immediately : “your headset has 27 hours of talk time” and “headset connected“. Painless and speedy set up is always a good thing.

First thing I did was to open up Spotify and hit play. Pleasurable bass and treble merged into a good audio experience over a mix of genres. More of a good start. The headset delivers rich audio. Always a positive.

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A Select Playlist

So, I had set up the BH72 very easily, am impressed with the sound quality ( very ) and, find it comfortable. Over the course of the working day I made and took calls via Webex and Microsoft Teams and was pleased ( once I had found out how to unmute myself ) with the feel of the headset. It worked just fine with or without the extended microphone boom though I would feel more confident with it extended if working in the office.

The desk stand

The desk stand, quite an elegant design, doubles as a place to hang the headset and a wireless charging pad for both headset and any other device you wish to charge. It has a rather minimalistic appearance which looks good on ones desk and also is a sturdy build. Some headset stands looks as if they will break if knocked off the desk – not this one.


The Yealink BH72 provided great sound – in both directions, I was clearly audible to my colleagues and I could hear them well. Background noise was filtered out well and I hear also that there is an upcoming firmware update to enhance this.

The headset is well priced, looks good and works well – what more could one want?


The stand for charging worked really well. I liked the ‘one touch Teams access’ as well as the voice tube pull for answering calls. The stand/ charging option is also very nice to use.

All in all I found this to be an excellent headset. A headset needs to be comfortable, easy to use and have good audio. The Yealink BH72 is most certainly a headset I would recommend for anyone – working at home, on the move or in an office.

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The Yealink BH72 Headset Spec

Retractable Boom

In an innovative design the microphone boom can be neatly slipped back into the headset’s earpiece giving the impression more of an audiophile than a hybrid worker on the road.

Stylish Design

The BH72 has been designed to make the user happy – it incorporates premium fabric covering as well as leather ear-cushions containing soft foam for comfort. A busy light is on each ear piece to alert colleagues that you are on a call.


The BH72 comes with the option of wireless charging on a desk stand and can fully charge in 3 hours. Alternatively the headset can be charged via USB ( 2 hour charging time ). A full charge will allow up to 35 hours of talk time.


The BH72 ships with a Bluetooth dongle to allow easy connectivity to laptop or PC. The headset will also connect directly to mobile devices, which, also, can be charged on the wireless stand.


The headset contains in call and music handling buttons to allow an ergonomically pleasing access to the headset’s functions and features. Teams editions also have a ‘one touch Teams access button’.


Multiple microphones allow distraction free audio supported by a virtual shield. An Ole Wolff diaphragm provides clear and rich sound. Beamforming noise-cancellation microphones maintains audio quality in a variety of environments.