The New Polycom 8800 Trio

8800-polycomMuch like the way in which Hoover became a byword for the household vacuum cleaner Polycom has established itself as the 'de-facto' word in business conferencing equipment. Business conferencing has revolutionised business meetings by allowing immediate multiperson discussions between offices at a moment's notice. Whether over IP or normal telephone line these devices can, and do, provide fully duplex clear two way conversations.



RealPresence-8800-TrioThe most recent addition to Polycom's line of audio conference phone is the Polycom RealPresence 8800 Trio. Before we say anything about this unit's functionality we have to just gush that it looks amazing. In our office it has been variously described as a stealth bomber or a star wars fighter. It sits, desktop, on its triangular frame oozing style, sophistication and a hidden power.

The RealPresence 8800, with its aforementioned sleek lines also comprises a large 5 inch colour touch screen which intuitively guides you through a wealth of functions whilst displaying call pertinent data.

Function wise the RealPresence 8800 Trio has all you would hope for and more :

  • Duplex HD Voice
  • Acoustic Clarity
  • Polycom Noise Block
  • Bluetooth
  • Integral POE

These Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 Conference Phones which can be viewed on our website here and are available with the 'basic' set up but can be expanded to a fully visual HD conferencing solution allowing two way audio and video simultaneously..

Polycom 8800 Trio Video