The New Konftel 800

With its sleek form factor end cascading feature the Konftel 800 looks to become an extremely popular conference phone for business meetings.
With more and more people working remotely and with businesses often in many buildings in a variety of locations, the facility to hold a business meeting in a conferencing or huddle room is a great bonus. Of course there are savings in both cost and in CO2 emissions as a result.

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About the Konftel 800

The Konftel 800 comes with OmnisoundĀ® audio technology which, in a single unit can cover a meeting room of up to 20 people. It can connect to Unified Communications platforms and traditional telephone systems via SIP, Bluetooth or USB. It also integrates via BYOD ( bring your own device ) so that attendees can participate vie mobile devices. Management of the meetings can be controlled via the Konftel Unite app whilst IT can administer the devices. Konftel therefore offers several options for easy device management and auto-provisioning that are supported by the Konftel 800, including Konftel Zero Touch Installation.
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Bigger Meetings

Like the way in which many devices are said to daisychain the Konftel 800 conference phones can connect to each other to form a seamless area of sound coverage. Konftel refer to this as a cascading feature. Further enhancements to this can be made via the use of additional microphones.

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Hybrid System for Huddle Rooms

Equip your meeting rooms for video conferencing: use any platform and Bring Your Own Meeting. Konftel C50800 Hybrid is a premium kit for video collaboration that includes the Konftel 800, the Konftel Cam50 for exceptional video quality and the Konftel OCC Hub with support for One Cable Connection.
View the KONFTEL C50800 HYBRID Here
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Konftel 800 Video