Get ready for the rip roaring ride of the history of Plantronics! The changes, the facts, the years!

The 1960s

  • 1961 “Pacific Plantronics” is incorporated on May 18, 1961.
  • 1962 The MS-50, the world’s first lightweight headset, is introduced for the aviation industry.
  • 1963 United Airlines and Pacific Bell begin ordering MS-50 headsets.
  • 1964 FAA adopts Pacific Plantronics headsets for air traffic control.
  • 1967 Pacific Plantronics sales reach $5.4 million with 100,000 headsets in use.
  • 1968 The first Apollo mission uses Pacific Plantronics headsets.
  • 1969 Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon, “That’s one small step” are transmitted via a Pacific Plantronics headset.

The 70s

  • 1970 Plantronics introduces the StarSet® headset, an over-the-ear headset with a unique clear plastic voice tube.
  • 1972 Plantronics opens “Plamex,” its new manufacturing facility in Mexico.
  • 1973 Plantronics ships its one-millionth headset.
  • 1975 The Quick Disconnect (QD) feature is added to the StarSet headset.
  • 1977 Plantronics is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PLT).
  • 1979 Plantronics Custom Products Division formed as separate business unit.

The 80s

  • 1980 NASA uses Plantronics headsets for the space shuttle.
  • 1981 Plantronics Custom Products Division creates Plantronics’ first AC-powered amplifier.
  • 1983 StarSet Supra®, better known as the Supra headset, is introduced.
  • 1984 Plantronics named official headset of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
  • 1986 Plantronics establishes Plantronics, Ltd., in the United Kingdom.
  • 1989 Mirage® over-the-ear headset introduced.

The 90s

  • 1991 MobilStar, Plantronics’ first mobile headset, introduced.
  • 1993 Plantronics UK receives ISO certification, the first headset manufacturer in Europe to do so.
  • 1995 The FreeHand® ultra-lightweight in-the-ear style headset introduced.
  • 1996 The Encore® over-the-head style headset introduced.
  • 1997 Plantronics forms the Mobile Communications Division to address the cordless and mobile phone market.
  • 1998 M12 Vista™ amplifier introduced.
  • 1999 Plantronics forms its Computer Audio Systems Division to develop next-generation products for computer applications and its Call Center and Office Division to serve the call center market and the expanding office segment.

2000 and Beyond

  • 2000 Plantronics introduces digitally-enhanced USB headsets for the PC and Mac.
  • 2001 Plantronics celebrates forty years of headset leadership; announces new DuoPro convertible headset.
  • 2002 January – Plantronics introduces new .Audio line of PC microphones and headsets designed to give consumers more styles and choices.
  • 2002 June – Plamex, Plantronics’ Tijuana facility, celebrates 30 years of manufacturing excellence.

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