The EPOS EXPAND 30T Speakerphone

Great for Microsoft Teams Meetings

For many years the meeting room was dominated around a central unit known as the conference phone. This sat in the centre of a room and provided the focal point of any meeting, allowing clear two way speech. The way in which meetings are conducted has changed over the past few years, affected by several factors.

More and more remote meetings are taking place these days, platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have facilitated convenient meetings at a moment’s notice whilst the increased practice of hybrid working has meant that many people are participating in online meetings from home.

Hence the emergence of the small, portable speakerphone like the EPOS EXPAND 30T. This is a high quality speakerphone designed for portability and with enough range to cover the audio requirements of a small meeting ( or huddle ) room. The EXPAND 30T is simple to set up, connecting via either USB or Bluetooth to your Teams endpoint in seconds. It has exceptional audio performance with EPOS Voice™ Technology which guarantees low distortion and a natural, rich sound. High quality microphones pick up and transmit speech in a crisp and clear sound.


For the ultimate in on the road convenience the EXPAND 30T can connect via Bluetooth and supports a talk time of up to 18 hours.


Bringing people together with great functionality and EPOS’ Power of Audio


You can set up a meeting, anywhere, in minutes, plug & play and with one touch access to Microsoft Teams – great for home working.


The EXPAND 30T can connect to a EPOS EXPAND Vision 3T camera for full audio and video conferencing

The EPOS EXPAND 30T Speakerphone was originally known as the Sennheiser SP 30T

EPOS Originates from Sennheiser Communications : EPOS is not a new industry player – until 2020 EPOS was known as Sennheiser Communications.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions or would like to buy the EPOS EXPAND 30T.

Other models which include the EPOS EXPAND 30 ( USB Connection only ) and the EPOS EXPAND 30+ ( not Teams certified ) are also available.