The DECT BT Elements Phone

Traditionally a DECT ( Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications ) cordless phone ( as per the European ETSI standard ) has been expected to have a maximum range of up to 300m outdoors and 150m indoors - that is under ideal conditions. It is used worldwide and is a standard use for voice and data in many instances including domestic cordless phones, business headsets and VoIP.

DECT has, hence, come to be synonymous with these sort of short range uses but BT has brought a great new model to the market with the BT elements 1K which as its name suggests has a 1km range which makes it supremely suited to businesses which require greater range such as large offices, warehouses or outdoor situations.

BT Elements

The BT Elements not only boasts this massive range increase - giving it an operational area of nearly 8 square km - but comes with a rugged build and an IP67 rating which means that it is dustproof and waterproof up to 1m immersion. This means that the phone is, indeed, great for out door usage, especially in extreme environments where other phones may be damaged.

Further to the massive range and the ruggedised build of the phone it has a few additional caller features which are always appreciated by the user such as Nuisance Call Blocking, a hundred name and number directory, and a useful standby battery life of 160 hours. The phones can also be expanded to a multi handset system with up to 5 handsets connected to a single base station allowing several people to benefit from the range as well as giving them the facility to use the phones as intercom or transfer calls between handsets.

BT Elements 1k

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