When we first saw the Cisco 8831 we thought it odd that someone would plug a loudspeaker into a calculator but, following exhaustive investigation, it became apparent that this was a very nicely designed conference phone.

Conference phones are a useful addition to businesses large and small and allow one to set up and take part in business meetings at a moment’s notice.

The Cisco 8831 works over IP ( and supports SIP protocol ) and does not require an additional power source, taking its power from the Ethernet cable which connects it to the broadband and can be quickly deployed on the majority of IP telephone systems.


Soundwise the Cisco 8831 delivers the full Duplex Wideband clear sound ( it’s as if you were in the same room ) that you would expect from a premium enterprise manufacturer such as Cisco whilst additional microphones allow an even greater range of pick up in even larger conference rooms. Using the unit is facilitated by the ( not a calculator ) detachable control panel – this is a very good design feature as many conferences complicated by the necessity of having to lean into the desk to access a call handling feature.

Cisco 8831 Spec

  • supports conference rooms up to 106m2
  • secure encrypted business communications
  • POE – power over Ethernet

Video of Cisco 8800 Series

Interactive Lesson on How to Use the Cisco 8831

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