EPOS Capture 5

Speakerphone - Records and Transcribes

EPOS’s new speakerphone, for Microsoft Teams Rooms, great sound quality and powered to transcribe your meeting notes automatically.


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Auto Transcription

The EPOS EXPAND Capture 5 is no ordinary speakerphone. Perhaps the first thing that should be pointed out here is that the Capture 5 is very much a Microsoft Teams Rooms device – it will not operate on other platforms. It is fully integrated with Cortana® and, hence, allows a rich, natural audio experience with full voice control over Teams.

Calling a speaker Intelligent may seem rather high praise for something that would surely not be able to complete Wordle nor sustain a valid argument on the merits of democracy but, as far as a piece of hardware goes, it can be said to be well programmed and certainly intuitive to use. It does have some very advanced voice recognition features which will be of great use in a number of environments.

So, here is the scene, there is a meeting, there are 5 people in the room, the are discussing a medical diagnosis, or it could be a building plan or a project schedule, the subject does not matter. The Capture 5 is initiated ( turned on ) by a simple voice command “start meeting” . It asks each of the attendees to introduce themselves… “Hi, I am Paul”, “Hi, I am Soraya” etc etc… Then the meeting starts. There are also two people, let’s call them associates who are connected to the meeting remotely. John is in London, whilst Maria, having got out of bed for this meeting is in Singapore. Despite her tiredness she is excited to take part in this meeting. They also introduce themselves by saying their names. The Capture 5 records these. The meeting lasts 20 minutes and some sort of conclusion is reached and the date for the next meeting saved down to Teams calendars.

The beauty of the Capture 5 is that it delivers a full transcription of the meeting with speaker names alongside.


The EPOS Capture 5


Provides superior audio for those listening, allowing for lifelike conversations


Connects to any Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) system on Windows


Identifies up to 10 distinct voices in the room and when enabled it transcribes a live feed of the meeting


Start meetings and add participants handsfree with Cortana voice assistant for enhanced productivity

The Capture 5

In Summary

Compact and Cool

For any business that has a Microsoft Teams Room and needs to keep a record of conversations and meetings the EPOS Capture 5 could well prove to be an extremely useful tool.

The Capture 5 takes advantage of EPOS’ ( and EPOS | Sennheiser ) many years of experience in providing high quality, ergonomic and innovative business communications products.

The Capture 5 is not only a very powerful speakerphone that integrates with Teams via Cortana but the meeting transcription functionality really makes this a desirable product for a range of industries.