headset use studyWe just came across a great study about the benefits of using a headset in a Unified Communications environment that we just had to share with you.

Unified Communications (UC) is a network utlilsing integrated instant communications services such as voice, data, video, chat, location and other collaborative tools over multiple device and platform types.

The study is based on a report commissioned by Jabra to discover “the benefits of using a headset over a handset in a UC environment” and was carried out by the University of London. The people who took part were busy telephone workers who spent, on average, three hours a day on the phone and had to perform additional tasks whilst on the phone.

Headset Use Study Findings

the use of headsets to improve working efficiency

Headset Use

The use of UC Headsets in the trial produced noticeable increases in productivity for the telephone operators:

  • There was a 33% reduction in call handling time
  • Call length was reduced by up to 50%
  • Operatives who spent up to three hours a day on the phone over 20 calls could reduce their total call time by up to 66%

That means that by switching to these Jabra Headsets there was a noticeable increase in productivity , further to this it was agreed by those involved that they found it simpler to utlilise the full potential of unified communications whilst wearing a comfortable headset – hands are freed up to operate a data terminal or for other tasks.

Headset Use Video from Jabra

In conclusion the study supported the theory that by implementing a suitable headset in a Unified Communications set up will make great gains in the following areas : productivity, efficiency, client satisfaction, operator happiness; all leading to a more pleasant working environment and lower costs.

Jabra 2400 OperatorNot all workers, of course will require a headset, I, for example, am infrequently on the telephone and when I do take a call am quite happy to pick up the handset. However we have a large sales and customer support team at Best4Systems who can spend all day talking to people and accessing data at the same time, for them a comfortable headset is vital for their working day.

Although many people may be put off initially by concerns that it will be uncomfortable or confusing to use; once you have experienced the ease of operation and understood just how unobtrusive a headset can be you will accept as an extension of your body. More and more it is a device which allows the person to truly become integrated with their customers, systems and data – truly a part of the Unified Communications Platform.

Some of our most popular UC Compatible Headsets Include the Sennheiser SC 60, the Plantronics Savi W720 and the Jabra Biz 2400 Mono 3-in-1 NC headset

The full study can be read here