The Avalle Series of Headsets

For many years the headset market has been dominated by Plantronics and Sennheiser, indeed they excel at the design and manufacture of best in class business headsets.
Jabra ( formerly GN Netcom ) has also made great gains into the enterprise market with some very well designed headsets for both leisure and the workplace.
A relative newcomer to the block is Avalle - UK designed and conceived headsets that offer very much the quality of the established brands whilst delivering better value to the purchaser.

So we look at the different models of Avalle headsets and where they could be best used.
If you are a heavy headset user - for example if you work in call centre or a busy office and spend lot of time on the phone you may well be advised to opt for the two eared headset whilst a light user may find that a one eared best suits their working practices.


The Avalle Defero Headsets come in both Binaural or Monaural wearing styles.
They are lightweight headsets with a ratcheted boom which contains a noise cancelling microphone ( so that you can hear and be heard in a busy office ).
Comfort is assured with both the ergonomic design, the sure fit headband and the inclusion of soft leatherette ear cushions .

The Defero is available with two differing connectivity options - there is the Defero USB - which will connect directly to a PC ) Mac and allow connection to Softphone) Unified Communications) Skype or Skype for Business.
The alternative connection option is the QD ( Quick Disconnect lead ) which can be connected to any telephone or telephone system with the suitable lead.
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The AV600 Series of Avalle headsets are aimed at the busy user - super lightweight and with the latest technology.
Like the Defero it is available in different models - each with a choice of binaural or monaural.
The models are the Avalle AV601 and 602; the AV601N and 602N ( noise cancelling versions ) which are also available in XL versions - with larger padded ear cushions for comfort.
The AV600 Series of headsets have proven extremely popular for busy office and call centre staff - heavy users of headsets. Built-in Acoustic shock protection provides necessary safety from sudden sound spikes.
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The Verso headset is high quality noise cancelling headset that terminates in a QD lead - allowing you to select the suitable lead for your phone system's connection.
The Verso is available as a single monaural headset.
It is also available as a binaural headset.
Moreover it is the only headset in the world that can be switched from monaural to binaural. This is achieved by virtue of a patented design which allows a second earpiece to be connected to a one eared headset.
Not only are these convertible headsets, but the Verso Headsets have the following features :

  • High Definition Audio
  • Ultra Noise Cancelling
  • Quick Disconnect connection
  • 2 year warranty
  • All parts are replaceable and interchangable

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