The 3M WS Alert X – Field Test


I create bespoke cabinetry both, on site at customers’ houses, and in my workshop. To do this I use a range of tools, like a table saw, chop saw, track saw and thicknesser. Whilst using these, I need to protect my hearing. I also like to listen to music whilst working so finding something that allows me to do both was top of my wish list.

First Impression

I unboxed the 3M Peltor WS Alert X and was very impressed with the build quality and overall look of them. They have a good weight and feel like a premium, durable product.

Setting them up was very easy and can all be done from your phone via bluetooth using the 3M equipment app. The app allows you to control all the ear defender functions quickly.

Whilst I am working wearing these, I can answer a call or turn the volume down whilst listening to music, via the buttons on the ear piece. The buttons are easy to locate without looking at them. I like the way I can talk on the phone to customers whilst using my domino joiner, or other noisy piece of equipment. The noise of the machinery is omitted from the conversation, and I can hear the customer perfectly too.

Before the using the 3M WS Alert X I could not easily go between ambient listening and hearing protection. With this product I can click a button and hear what is going on around me without taking them off, or block all noises out in ear defender mode. This means I don’t have to take them off each time I want to talk to someone when in my workshop.

"I definitely would recommend the Peltor WS Alert X for anyone who works in a noisy environment who may wish to take calls whilst protecting one’s hearing."

Darcy Haselip