Many people like to holiday on a caravan site – a tented holiday may sound alluring but waking up in a soggy compartment surrounded by your clothes, insects and pieces of mud just does not compare to sitting in front of a gas fire in your caravan with a cup of coffee or tea ( brewed in an electric kettle ) and watching the morning news on a small TV.

Sensibly there is legislation in place which makes obligatory the inclusion of : “An immediately accessible telephone should be available on the site for calling the emergency services. A notice by the telephone should include the address of the site.”

We have a lot to thank health and safety for. The provisioning of a suitable means by which someone can contact the emergency services from what may well be a remote location could well be crucial in the event of fire or injury. This legislation is governed by English law and, hence, all caravan parks in the UK have an obligation to fulfil the supply of a suitable telephone.

Best4Systems have partnered with Gai Tronics to offer a solution to any Caravan Park which has either not provided an emergency telephone or is looking for an efficient and cost-effective alternative to their existing solution.

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Gai Tronics are a market leader in the manufacture of “Special Environment Telephony” providing durable and reliable telephones for use in public places and situations where durability is a must – offering protection from misuse, vandalism, extremes of weather and fire to name but a few.

Here are some of our recommended products :

GSM Commander

Telephones for Caravan ParksThe Gai-Tronics GSM Commander is a striking telephone designed for outdoors use. It is both weather and vandal resistant and is, as are most of Gai Tronics’ rugged telephones a clearly visible bright yellow colour. It works over GSM which means that no additional wiring is necessary and even supports remote management and over the air updates. The phone can be powered by normal means, though it can also use a battery pack or rely on solar power for its function. It is IP65 resistant

Usage wise it comes in three versions ( defined by button number ) :

  • Zero Button – a user just picks up the handset and is put through to a pre-programmed number
  • Three Button – Three pre-programmed numbers can be assigned to the keys
  • Fifteen number – a full dialling keypad to access any number

The Commander can be viewed here » Gai-Tronics GSM Commander Telephone

GSM Titan

GSM Titan for caravan parksThe Gai-Tronics GSM Titan is a similar model, distinguished by its increase weather resistance ( IP 66 ) and its aluminium body and self closing / spring loaded door.
It includes an inductive coupler ( to prevent acoustic feedback on hearing aids ) and, as its name suggests, is GSM based like the commander.
This model is approved by Network rail due to its ease of operation, ruggedness and resistance to weather and misuse.

The GSM Titan also comes in key number based variations – with three additional memory keys for ease of access

The Titan can be viewed here » Gai-Tronics GSM Titan Telephone

Both of these models are perfect for incorporation in a caravan park, or indeed any outdoor area where it would be provident to have a public access telephone that requires little attention and will work when needed.

If you are the owner or manager of a caravan park ( or similar institution ) and are interested in any of our models ( or just more information ) then feel free to call us on 0844 824 6664 or contact us here .

NB : as Gai Tronics weather resistant phones are made to order there is generally a 4-6 week lead time on delivery.