It would be easy to make the assumption that telephone systems are suited only to large business environments. It is true, of course, that many of the features which are associated with phone systems have been driven by business processes and requirements.

panasonic-kx-tca185-vlThe characteristic features of a telephone system are that it can allow multi line along with multi device – initially supporting the business necessity of having several incoming phone lines ( on one number or more ) connected to multiple handsets.

The advent of Unified Communications ( voice, video and data across different devices to put it simply ) has greatly increased the interoperability of all these devices, allowing access to a range of varied functions which can not only be applied to business processes but can also be useful in other areas such as in large homes.

Examples of phone system features that can be useful in the home

A telephone system can be configured so that it is possible to receive a call and transfer it elsewhere – this can, of course, be very useful in larger properties, especially those with a scattered layout or with out-buildings where it is highly conceivable that an incoming call could be taken by someone and transferred to a phone quite a distance away.

In addition to the basic telephony tasks home telephone systems can perform varied tasks such as controlling access to the property by being integrated with gate and door entry systems ( also allowing remote video and speech ); the systems can also be fitted with ‘alarm’ devices which can be used to trigger calls to emergency services in the case of fire or danger.

Types of home phone system

Best4Systems can offer advice in either installing a new phone system into your home or upgrading your current one. You may wish to use a traditional PBX type phone system or benefit from the extended functionality available with a VoIP system.

The access points for these sorts of system can be – desktop telephones, wireless headsets, mobile phones, tablets, digital cordless phones – indeed the choice of device is yours.

Where are these systems useful

These systems could be used anywhere that has multiple points of communication – not just only large homes, but stables, small holdings, sports clubs, farms all benefit from having a simplified communications solution. Installation is relatively simple and the main telephone system itself takes up less room than a PC computer.



Of course the actual set up and type of residential telephone system can be massively customised to suit your budget and requirements so, if you feel that this could be for you then give us a call on 0824 824 6664 or use our contact form.