Take your home working to a new level

additional options for the home or remote worker

Under the current lockdown situation ( I look forward to the day I look back and read this ) many workers have been relocated to work from home. This has brought new challenges for businesses on many levels in terms of logistics, data management and communications, both internal and external.

The business has had two primary objectives under current conditions:

  • protecting the health and safety of staff and customers
  • maintaining business levels

So, in order to achieve the first objective, staff have been sent to work from home where possible. This supports the advice that isolation and social distancing will lead to fewer viral transmissions and, hence limit the spread of the current global pandemic and reduce stress on the health service. This, though complex, is the simple part.

To successfully maintain business levels where staff are deployed remotely ( at home ) it is necessary to furnish them with as close to the work environment as possible. In general a worker will need a computer/ laptop set up that is connected to the company’s corporate network so that files and data can be shared. Many companies use systems such as Office 365 for their data collaboration tool and Unified Communications Platforms have made the worker more and more able to separate his/ herself from a mere geographical location in terms of voice and video.

And, of course, it is good to talk.

USB Headsets

The most obvious and popular simple way in which to hook up to your broadband based communications remotely is via a USB Headset. Manufacturers such as EPOS | Sennheiser , Jabra, Poly ( Plantronics ) and UK based Avalle provide a huge variety of models which can connect to a screen based softphone directly into your computer.



Rather than have to wear your headset continuously, many people are opting for a desk based speakerphone to have in their home office. These are powerful mini versions of full-on conference phones and are quite suitable to have on your desk to take and make calls. Some models are certified for use with Microsoft Teams, bringing one touch access to the platform. Many of these models will also allow HiFi quality music. The main benefit of a desk based speakerphone for home working is that it leaves your hands completely free from having to hold a handset and whilst not in use allows the user a freedom of movement around the room.

Top class speakerphones can be found by leading manufacturers such as Poly/ Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra as well as many fine models by Yealink and Yamaha, see more here


Whilst a USB headset provides a simple wired access to calls when working from home a wireless headset can offer so much more :

  • Freedom of movement – rather than be constrained to being at your desk all day, you can have the freedom to move around your office / home – very useful if you want a cup of tea or 10 minutes in the sun
  • Multi Connectivity – Many wireless headset models will allow simultaneous connection to both PC/Laptop and Mobile Phone thus one headset can be worn at all times – taking personal and business calls
  • Staying Power – It is worth mentioning that most wireless headsets will retain a charge to allow all day use and will have, commonly, a range up to 50m

Top class cordless headsets can be found by leading manufacturers such as Poly/ Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra,


If you would like any assistance in finding the best communication tool for your work scenario – be it working from home, in an office or on the move then please do not hesitate to let us out our resources to work on your behalf.
Finally, there are things which the home worker should think about in addition to the tech issues detailed above. If you are going to be sitting at a desk all day then get a comfortable chair – take your office chair home maybe. Try to jump up and around every hour go keep yourself supple and energised. Eat well, keep in touch with colleagues ( remember they are isolated too ) and above all keep on smiling.

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