• Peltor - Top Gear Ear Protection

    If you are involved with a job, profession or pastime which is associated with a high level of noise then some sort of ear protection is a must. If, further, you have the need to communicate with others - or just want to be able to hear if an alarm goes off then protective headsets with integral communications will likely be something of interest. This comes down to the need to protect yourself from noise but in a professional environment also your employer has a legal responsibility to protect you from potentially harmful sounds under the Noise at Work Directive.

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  • Industrial Headsets

    The majority of conceptions of a headset will be the sort of thing that someone wears at a desk whilst talking on the phone.
    There are headsets for the solo executive, headsets for call centre workers and headsets that allow connection to multiple devices simultaneously.
    These are business headsets; but there are also many applications for headsets in industrial environments.

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  • Peltor LiteCom Ear Defenders - Work and Talk

    Peltor's LiteCom Ear Defenders offer the ultimate in hearing protection whilst allowing communications in noisy environments.
    They are rugged headsets which have been designed and manufactured to the highest levels in order to protect the hearing in situation such as manufacturing, recycling plants, factory tours, airport workers, construction, military - indeed and area of work where there are high noise levels and a level of communication is desirable.

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  • Work Smarter not Harder with Peltor

    Whether you want to motivate your workforce with music, or use your phone in noisy environments, with 3M Smart Hearing Solutions from Peltor there will be a suitable headset which can offer not only the necessary levels of protection for your industry/ environment but also to allow the necessary lines of communications ( or music ) to keep the worker focussed, informed and entertained.

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  • New Video for PELTOR Protac III Headsets

    In perhaps one of the best education, promotional and amusing product videos we have see for a long while - Peltor have added to their 'Workers' Choice' campaign with a video extolling the virtues of the Protac 3 series of ear defenders.
    In the video we see Larry and Barry working with loud industrial tools whilst being able to talk to each other and listen to their own music.
    It is apparent to anyone watching the video that these are high quality ear defenders which also provide communications.
    Best4Systems are an accredited Platinum Dealer of 3M™ Peltor™ Communications Products.

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  • Ear Defenders and Communications

    Peltor produce top of the range headsets for a multitude of environments. Their raison d'être is to protect.
    All of Peltor's headsets are ear defenders - protecting the wearer from hazardous sounds, loud noises and constant potentially harmful sound levels.

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  • SOLAS regulation and ATEX Radios

    As decreed by the The Maritime Safety Committee under the SOLAS regulation II-2/10.
    In order to comply with the new fire safety regulations ships will be required to have a specified number of firefighters based upon the number of crew and size of the ship, each party of firefighters on board must have a minimum of two ATEX certified PMR ( personal mobile radios ) for communications during an emergency.

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  • Peltor Takeaway

    David Tennant, along with a host of venerable presenters who need to either protect their ears from noise at work or just be prevented from hearing anything was spotted by an eagle eyed staff member yesterday sporting a pair of Peltor Headsets whilst a guest on Saturday Night Takeaway, a TV show presented by the talented Ant and Dec.

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  • Peltor Intercom Headsets with Protection

    peltor-lite-comIn many work situations it is necessary to protect workers ears from potentially harmful noise. This is ( as decreed by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 ) the responsibility of the employer to assure that the safety of the employee is catered for. As a result there are many options for ear defenders on the market which, with differing protection levels can be used in noisy environments such as construction, shooting, drilling, manufacturing - anywhere where the delicate organ which is the ear could be at risk from either sudden loud noises or, the just as injurious, cumulative background noise.

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  • Do I Need Ear Defenders for Work?

    peltor approved dealerIn many industries there is an ever present threat of noise on the workplace. This can be manifest in many ways - it can be sudden load blasts of noise or just long term noise which at first may appear to be benign, but after time it can cause permanent damage. Ear Defenders are a must in many instances.

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  • 3M Peltor Award Winning Staff

    3M Peltor Award Winning Platinum DealerBest4Systems were delighted to receive awards from 3M Peltor. This was in recognition of the 30% increase in sales of 3M™ Peltor™ Ear defenders in 2013. Best4Systems are a UK based communications product and solutions supplier.

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  • Not Everyone Works in an Office

    Not Everyone Works in an OfficeWe specialise in office and business telecoms. This ranges ranges from small phone systems and their associated telephones, headsets, switches and accessories to entire VoIP systems and headsets for call centers. However, there is a large workforce which requires a different slant on their day to day communications. Not everyone works in an office. We, of course, provide solutions for them.

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