• Konftel Adds Video to Conferencing

    Konftel, already a manufacturer of some of the nest conferencing products for business have added video conferencing to new and existing models. This is achieved by virtue of the Konftel Cam20 4K USB Camera or the Konftel Cam50 which is suitable for larger video conferences with 12x optical zoom. This connects to existing conferencing units in the Konftel range via USB ( plug and play ). The Cam20 adds on 4k Ultra HD Video with a 105° field of view via USB 3.0 to your device. This allow you to either take advantage of a very versatile new video conferencing phone or add on video collaboration functionality to your existing Konftel audio conferencing solution.

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  • Konftel Business Conferencing

    Konftel label themselves as manufacturers of Collaboration Endpoint Solutions and specialise in the field of business conferencing.
    Conference phones are a crucial business tool, allowing multi participant meetings to take place with attendants in disperse geographical locations.
    This allows business meetings to be scheduled at late notice and to take place without the associated costs of travel.
    Of course there are many iterations on the 'basic' conference phone and Konftel have explored many of them.

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  • Speakerphones for Meetings

    The first modern business conference phone was first conceived by Polycom in 1992 [ see article ]and has morphed in the intervening 25 years to be the norm for any remote business meeting. They are aimed at delivering duplex ( two way ) conversation to large meeting rooms with multiple participants.

    Business is changing, and although we will always need a good, solid SoundStation type conference phone on hand for the big remote meeting, more and more we are seeing people work remotely who expect to be able to carry their office in their briefcase whilst remaining part of their enterprise cloud based business communications system. Hence the proliferation of Speakerphones released by major communications manufacturers recently.

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  • A Conference Phone for Any Meeting Room

    We read all about remote working and business is no different from the concept of employees working from home.
    rather than the costly and time consuming ( and non environmentally friendly ) option of travelling for a business meeting there are a host of conference phones available - be they small and portable speakerphones which will connect to a mobile or desktop conference units which will connect to a telephone system and allow a meeting room with 20 people to have a full on conference in real time.

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  • Feature Review of the Konftel 300W

    Konftel 300WWe all love a conference phone which is sleek and does its job without any fuss and that is why we took to the Konftel 300W so readily. It fulfills the main criteria - easy, good and lovely to look at.

    Perhaps the most striking and useful feature of the 300W is that it operates as a DECT cordless conference phone, meaning that it can sit at the centre of a conference table wirelessly ( NB it also is rechargeable with up to 60 hours of talk time ) - only needing registration to its base station to operate. If you run a business VoIP/ IP/ SIP type system the Konftel 300W can be plugged in via USB to take advantage of whatever platform you are running for your communications.

    As one would expect the unit is easy to use and delivers fantastic sound quality ( HD Omnisound no less ) over a good area, indeed it is suitable for large conference areas.

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