• Industrial Headsets

    The majority of conceptions of a headset will be the sort of thing that someone wears at a desk whilst talking on the phone.
    There are headsets for the solo executive, headsets for call centre workers and headsets that allow connection to multiple devices simultaneously.
    These are business headsets; but there are also many applications for headsets in industrial environments.

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  • Gai Tronics Telephones

    gai-tronics special environment telephonesWhen you are installing public facing telephones here are a few additional factors that need to be taken into account in comparison to your usual telecoms deployment.

    Telephones that are to be used 'in the field' need to be rugged - in other words they will need to be able to withstand the weather, the cold and the rain and the hot sun. They will also need to be able to be resistant to wilful damage or vandalism. In addition to these protective measures the telephones should be easy to operate and reliable.

    With these pre-requisites in mind Gai-Tronics ( a division of Hubbell Limited ) have created an entire range of telephones, perfectly designed for use in public facing areas, both internal and external - here we look at a few of their best selling models and see what features they have incorporated in order to make them best for for use.

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  • GAI-Tronics - Telecoms for any Environment

    GAI-Tronics specialise in a range of solutions for industrial and emergency communications. They are a subdivision of Hubbell Limited and produce a range of devices designed and manufactured to the highest standards with special features for differing scenarios.

    The communications supply industry covers many sectors - everyone pictures someone sitting in an office or call centre with a headset and telephone, but, of course, people in all areas of professional endeavour need to communicate, and this may be of more than just information disperal, in some industries it may be under emergency conditions and a matter of life or death.

    The main industrial sectors covered are : Oil and Gas; Mining and Tunneling; Industrial and Utilities; Commercial and Transport - Road and Rail.

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