• What is a Huddle Room?

    In the field of communications we are often assailed by new terms - either to describe previously non existent technologies or as a novel form of reference to an established product or practice.
    In this way we have had headsets and telephones labelled ( correctly ) as endpoints and platforms evolving from Microsoft Lync to Skype for Business and branching out into Microsoft Teams.
    In a similar vein we see the small conference room labelled a huddle room - but what is it?

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  • Equipment for Your Huddle Room

    From the impressive meeting room business has evolved the huddle room.
    Work practices and economy have dictated that short, more intimate and focussed meetings are better for collaboration, whilst breaking down larger meeting rooms into smaller ones allows more meetings to be conducted concurrently.
    Whilst this has changed the way in which many of us work, it has also led to technological innovation to support the huddle room.

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  • Dolby - Sound Supreme

    Dolby, long a name associated with the highest levels of sound performance also design and manufacture a range of conferencing solutions for business. This includes not only the collaborative tools such as the Dolby Conference Phone but also the HDR Dolby Voice Camera and the Voice Hub. In conjunction these can be put together to for the Dolby Voice Room - an arena of unparalleled natural feeling conferencing which couples ease of use with a stunning audio and video experience.

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  • Konftel Business Conferencing

    Konftel label themselves as manufacturers of Collaboration Endpoint Solutions and specialise in the field of business conferencing.
    Conference phones are a crucial business tool, allowing multi participant meetings to take place with attendants in disperse geographical locations.
    This allows business meetings to be scheduled at late notice and to take place without the associated costs of travel.
    Of course there are many iterations on the 'basic' conference phone and Konftel have explored many of them.

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  • Avaya B100 Series Conferencing

    Avaya is a global leader in communications, delivering both sophisticated hardware/ endpoints and software platforms for Unified Communications and Call Centre management - complete solutions for business communications. Here we look at some of the conference phones which make up the portfolio.

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  • Mitel UC360 Endpoints

    We have seen of late the many smaller, less obtrusive and portable conference units available on the market these days ( see Speakerphones for Meetings ) from manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronics and others. We are pleased to look at Mitel's very own take on the product offering.

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  • Small Business Polycom Debut

    Small Business Polycom DebutAny business that has tasted the easy joy that audio conferencing brings to arranging business meetings will be aware of the facility by which one can schedule, invite and set up remote business meetings. Leading the way have been the Polycom Conference phones of which we have all become familiar.

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  • An Affordable Conference Phone from BT

    x300-conference-phoneWe felt that we should mention the The BT X300 Conferencing Unit, having talked about its big brother the BT X500 previously but the X300 deserves a mention by virtue of its simplicity and price.

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  • The New Polycom 8800 Trio

    8800-polycomMuch like the way in which Hoover became a byword for the household vacuum cleaner Polycom has established itself as the 'de-facto' word in business conferencing equipment. Business conferencing has revolutionised business meetings by allowing immediate multiperson discussions between offices at a moment's notice. Whether over IP or normal telephone line these devices can, and do, provide fully duplex clear two way conversations.

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  • Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G

    This Cisco Conference phone comes with the moniker 'Unified' which means that it has the facility to bring together the many media channels via which we conduct business communications such as speech/ voice, video collaboration, mobile and the PSTN.

    The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G allows a crystal clear audio transmission using VoIP ( Voice over IP ) making use of Wideband Technology to deliver a truly state of the art experience.
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