CS60 Buy Back
NOTE: Before re-pairing the system make sure the IntelliStand switch (on the right side of the charging base) is in the “_” position and NOT the “=” position.

How to sync your Plantronics CS60 headset with base unit:

    1. Return the headset to the charging base.
    2. Press and hold both the + and – buttons on the back of the charging base until the red light on the front of the base starts to flash.
    3. Let go of both buttons. The red light should continue to flash.
    4. Press the mute switch (black wheel on the top of the headset) straight down until a green light appears on the headset, then let go of the wheel, and the light should remain on the headset.
    5. Resubscription is finished when the red light on the base is fully illuminated and the green light on the headset disappears.
    6. Remove the headset from the charging base lift telephone handset/press headset button if not using a handset lifter. The headset and base should be connected and you’ve now sync your plantronics CS60 headset with base unit

Plantronics CS60 wireless Headset