Spotlight : The ClearOne Chat USB 150

ClearOne specialise in the design and manufacture of media, audio, UC ( Unified Communications ) and streaming products for business and home. In the field of UC ClearOne has specialised in the creation of affordable yet highly functional desktop conferencing units for many a situation.

The ClearOne Chat 150 connects via USB to a multitude of devices such as VoIP/ PC/ Mac/ Laptop, Softphone to give full rich sound over a large area. It can also be connected with enterprise phone systems, allowing web collaboration such as such as LiveMeeting, Sametime, and WebEx. and instant messaging. It is suitable for medium sized meeting rooms and is plug and play - simple to set up and use.

ClearOne Sound

clear one USB chat 150The ClearOne Chat 150 provides two way synchronous conversation - full duplex.
The speakerphone has three built in microphones with automatic gain and level controls which spread to cover the entire 360° - these microphones can intelligently adjust their levels to focus on the person speaking ( first mic priority ), whilst ClearOne's bespoke and proprietary HDConferece™ ensures crisp and clear sound.
The sound quality is further enhanced by ClearOne's echo and noise cancellation algorithms.
Sound is produced by a sturdy and large loudspeaker for rich and clear business conferencing.

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ClearOne Usability

Not only is the ClearOne Chat 150 Conferencing unit plug and play, but it also is powered by USB, meaning that one is able to set it up anywhere without the requirement of a power socket.
It is expandable, via use of the MaxAttach which allows the daisy-chaining of two devices for greater coverage.

Chat 150 Conference Speakerphone Video

If you would like to talk to us about the ClearOne Speakerphone or about your business conferencing needs in general then feel free to contact us on CONTACT US or call us on 0844 824 6664