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A comfortable and reliable headset is a great aid for the office or home worker in terms of efficiency and productivity. This leads to higher levels of satisfaction. All in all desirable results. A headset allows free and easy phone conversations whilst integrating with PC and UC ( Unified Communications ) based platforms such as Skype and Teams.

Whilst the headset world is dominated by the ‘big three’ : Poly ( Polycom and Plantronics ), EPOS ( Sennheiser ) and Jabra ( GN ) there is a UK based designer of enterprise headsets who can offer all the quality of these manufacturers at a far more affordable price.

Avalle have been designed by headset users in order to streamline the user experience whilst saving money.

Avalle Headsets

These are corded/ wired headsets which connect via either USB or lead to your telephone. Here we look at the range and see how the models have conceived to make your working day more comfortable.


The Avalle Defero Headset is a lightweight professional headset designed to be worn for extended periods. It is available as monaural or binaural ( one or two eared ) and each of these options can be bought as direct USB or with a QD lead ( Quick Disconnect ) .

  • FILTERS OUT BACKGROUND NOISE – Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • COMFORT – lightweight and with a large padded ear cushion
  • DURABILITY – Avalle Defero Headsets come with a two year warranty
  • COMPATIBILITY – can be used with all voice platforms including Microsoft Teams and Skype

With superior microphone and earpiece technology, the Avalle Defero gives the performance and comfort of a premium branded headset, at a fraction of the price.

AV602 Headset


The AV600 Series have been designed for the busy call center worker. Super lightweight and with a choice of noise cancelling or voice tube for the microphone these headsets carry advanced acoustic shock protection as well as anti static shock protection.

The AV600 Headsets which include models AV601 and AV601N ( monaural ) and the AV602 amd AV602N ( monaural ) * the N denoting the Noise Cancelling versions.

  • PACKAGING – Supplied with bag, clothing clip and headset hook, leatherette and foam cushions
  • WIDEBAND AUDIO – for use on Office and VOIP phones for a crisper clearer sound
  • COMPATIBILITY – Quick Disconnect’ (QD) – works with generic and supplied leads
  • SAFETY – Acoustic and Static Shock Protection Inbuilt
  • EASY – Lightweight, durable and great sound


With the Avalle Verso we have a completely new glance at what a business headset can be. It is well known by anyone who supplies headsets that one of the first questions asked is : “do you want monaural or binaural?“. This is because, dependent upon working conditions, a person may with to direct their entire focus on the call ( hence a two eared headset ) or, they may wish to take part in chat with colleagues / customers whilst wearing their headset ( in which case a monaural is preferable ). Well the Verso has been conceived with just this question in mind, but the Verso gives a third possible answer “BOTH“.

The Verso Headset can be bought as a monaural version, or as a binaural version. However if the kit is purchased you have both in one. The innovative construction of the Verso allows a quick and easy conversion / transformation from one to two eared and back. This, indeed, solves the issue beautifully as now one staff member can own one headset which is perfectly suited to all working conditions.

  • SOUND QUALITY – Unrivalled Wideband audio technology
  • COMFORT – Adjustable padded headband and large leatherette ear cushions
  • DESIGN – Switch your wearing style to suit your working environment in a matter of seconds
  • QUALITY – Designed, engineered and tested in the UK – two year warranty


As there are multiple connection options for business headsets Avalle also manufacture connection leads. Many headsets are supplied without leads and different telephones and telephone systems require varying options. The quick disconnect lead can be purchased with many options to connect and even with a training cable for operator supervision.

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