Small Business Polycom DebutAny business that has tasted the easy joy that audio conferencing brings to arranging business meetings will be aware of the facility by which one can schedule, invite and set up remote business meetings. Leading the way have been the Polycom Conference phones of which we have all become familiar.

As face to face online multi person conferencing brings a personal touch to conferencing the video conference has taken leaps in popularity in recent years . This growth has been facilitated by higher available bandwidths, improvements in the protocols in use, new communications platforms, increased technical knowhow of IT departments and the availability of products which can make the most of this.

Of course, Polycom, global market leaders in audio conferencing also offer enterprise video conferencing solutions for all businesses. The latest one, and part of the RealPresence™ series is the Polycom RealPresence™ Debut.

polycom realpresence debut

This is an all in one video conferencing machine by which we mean that it has all the hardware and components integral which are necessary for the carrying out of a multi person video conference. It does not even require a power supply as it can be powered by the Ethernet ( POE ) though a power adaptor is available. It is suitable for smaller video conferences rather than large ones but comes with some high level features such as :

  • Motor Driven Pan and Tilt Camera – to focus on the speaker
  • 2 x Digital Zoom on the camera
  • 1920 x 1080p resolution delivering clear vision
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Polycom’s NoiseBlock
  • Wall Mountable

    Seen in action this device provides an immersive experience for all concerned, broadcasting and displaying the video stream in great quality whilst allowing a full duplex audio conversation to share the stream. This is all achieved by the RealPresence& trade Debut with a minimum of fuss and a simple installation and configuration phase.

    For slightly larger areas we recommend expanding the system with additional microphones.

    Polycom RealPresence Debut Video

    View the Debut Video Conference Phone Here