Sennheiser Call Centre HeadsetsSennheiser have a reputation in producing some of the best audio equipment in many fields. Their business headsets have many features aimed at making them perfectly suitable for use in a busy call or contact centre.

High up in the list of features are ease of use and comfort – so an easy to deploy and lightweight headset is sure to please anyone who is likely to be on the phone all day.


sennheiser wirelessMost surely the most important feature in a call centre is the facility to minimise noise disruption as, by their nature, call centres have a high concentration per area of operatives, each of which will be spending a lot of time on calls. Various noise minimising efforts are commonly made such as insulation and the clever optimisation of surface angles to prevent too much background noise for both agents and the customers but it is by virtue of headset technology that the greatest savings are made.

Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancellation in headsets is, perhaps, the primary feature for a call centre headset as background noise can be very distracting to operator and customer alike. Ultra-Noise-Cancelling microphones actively minimise the interference of background sound.


With an employer having the responsibility to protect their employees from Noise at Work Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts on the line.


NoiseGard™ is known as an adaptive technology which will adjust the levels of headset noise reduction constantly. It can be found on some of Sennheiser’s premium models such as the MB 660

HD Voice

Sennheiser’s HD sound delivers a clear and natural sound for all parties, ensuring a stress free and simple conversation.


corded sennheiser headsetSome headsets will use a standard lead to connect to telephone or system, whilst those used in Unified Communications/ Skype for Business may connect via USB. Wireless/ Cordless options may connect to the system via DECT or Bluetooth.

In addition to these connection there are further options which allow connectivity to more than one source:

Dual Connectivity

A feature in certain Sennheiser headsets which allows a headset to connect to both a typical desktop telephone and a softphone such as a Unified Communications platform like Skype for Business

Multi connectivity

Some Sennheiser models such as the DW Pro will allow connection to multiple Bluetooth devices.

Wearing Style

There will always be the decision as to whether or not one should wear a binaural ( two eared ) or monaural ( one eared ) headset whilst at work. In general call centre operatives may wish for the binaural option as this provides more protection from background noise. Operators who may need to confer regularly with colleagues though may prefer he monaural option.

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Many of the features that have been incorporated into Sennheiser headsets with the call centre operative in mind also carry great benefits for any business or office worker. They are durable and lightweight headsets with great call quality and simple to use.