Selling Your Unwanted Telecoms Equipment

For anyone involved with telecoms, or indeed, anyone running a business it will be evident that the technology is fast paced. We have moved from ISDN/ PABX to Cloud Based in a matter of years; headsets have evolved to become true IP endpoints and telephones have morphed into smart media devices with colour touch screens. In hand with the technological progress Unified Communication platforms have brought an astonishing array of features into the office, especially when one considers that Skype was launched as recently as 2003.

This progress in telecoms, of course, leads to perceived obsolescence in some equipment for some people. Just as one can buy a second hand iPhone 7/ Samsung Galaxy 7 nowadays for far less than the price of the latest flagship model, one can find some exceedingly good deals on second user telecoms equipment.

environment agency accreditedBest4Systems are committed to giving a new lease of life to old equipment and are registered with the Environment Agency as a broker and dealer of what, to some could be considered waste.

The benefits of reusing telecoms equipment

Reusing unwanted telecoms has a great benefit to the environment in many ways :

  • prevents the granulising of old equipment and subsequent landfill
  • removes the energy intensive process ( and CO2 production ) of manufacture new equipment
  • provides a cheaper solution for the acquirer
  • releases unexpected capital for the supplier
  • makes legacy equipment available

Our Services

We buy back unwanted Telecoms from companies and subject them to a rigorous refurbishment which entails:

  • Full Data Cleansing
  • Complete Hygienic Refurbishment
  • Detailed test and performance analysis
  • All items restored to factory default settings
  • Accessories/ Consumables replaced
  • Reboxed and Packaged to 'as new' condition

We are then in the happy position to be able to provide cheap telecoms solutions to our customers whilst at the same time releasing capital from old equipment for our suppliers.

In many instances we are able to allow companies to offset the cost of purchasing new equipment by selling their old equipment.

This process works for almost any type of communications equipment. We buy back and restore and resell entire telephone systems, desktop telephones, headsets and even smaller components. These are resold with a one year warranty - providing benefits to environment, seller and buyer - a perfect synergy.

If you want to find out some of the savings that can be made on refurbished telecommunications products see our sections here : buy refurbished telecommunications products

If you are interested in selling us your unwanted telecoms equipment - telephones, headsets, systems, conference phones - we are interested in just about anything, then fill in the form here sell us your old telecoms equipment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We also offer a complete turnkey solution for repairing, renovating and returning your equipment for you here.

If you would like to discuss any of your requirements regarding the services shown here, please feel free to call us on 0844 824 6664 or use the form at contact us.