Security with EPOS Headsets

Considerations of remote working

Off-site, out of mind?

The pandemic has changed the world forever, and one of the places that has seen greater change than anywhere is the workplace. Pre-Covid, the term ‘workplace’ was a reference to a physical space. Now for the majority of people, the workplace is at home, where colleagues work remotely from their respective workplaces. Security and confidentiality are the foundation of interactions with customers and partners. It is the unnegotiable basis of trust. A hacking incident is a real threat that needs to be mitigated against no-matter where your employees are working.

Managing Remote Communications Securely

Some of the key considerations and approaches you should cover when planning your remote confidential communications technologies and services.

A confidentiality communications plan should cover both written and spoken interactions within your organisation.
In the modern internet-based world this constitutes data. This data may be in stored documents and emails, but importantly unified communications includes spoken interactions which, with the adoption of the correct technologies, can be secured and recorded in the same way as written communications.



Are your communications systems up-to-date and encrypted? Is your data only available and disclosed to the intended audiences?


How do ensure that your data is not tampered with or altered after an agreement?


Confidential conversations should be treated with the same level of importance as written communications.


How do you ensure that the authorised people have access to the information they need, when they need it?


A modern, cloud-based IT infrastructure such as the Microsoft Azure cloud, delivering data management via Office 365, One Drive and Sharepoint is the perfect platform for provisioning secure communications across your organisation.

Microsoft Teams is built upon this modern Azure framework and allows your teams to collaborate effectively, securely and remotely. Teams not only brings together the data intelligence of your business, but also its voice.

The endpoint of the majority of unified communication conversations is a headset and this is where the security considerations often stop. With EPOS Manager and the right headset this needn’t be the case. EPOS Manager is a cloud-based service that allows you to audit, monitor and manage your headsets and speakerphones.

What is more, for those customers that have already adopted Microsoft Teams, EPOS also deliver a range of Microsoft Teams certified communications products, giving you the most-secure communications platform for your many workplaces.

The power of secured audio

In some instances, IT Managers need to support hundreds of employees using a diverse range of communication technology, and this can be a challenge. Headsets and speakerphones need to be maintained and optimised to boost productivity and employee performance.

EPOS Manager has been developed for companies with a need to control their UC environment in a fast and secure way. By installing the client application, EPOS Connect, on end users’ machines, a complete overview of all deployed devices and access to new updates and settings is available remotely.

For companies with several locations, it’s possible to manage, update and control settings for all end-users in the entire organisation. For improved security, all communications and data are encrypted and no sensitive data is stored. The resulting simplification of the asset, update and configuration management gives great savings in both time and money.

Asset Management

Get the
complete overview

See all your devices on the dashboard; from headsets to speakerphones and even non-EPOS devices. All users are registered in the system, which shows both active and inactive devices – who is using which device and how they are being used. Simply reallocate redundant resources to boost productivity. Reports on usage and firmware compliance keep you in complete control of company assets.

Update Management

Less downtime
more convenience

A flexible and cost-effective way to get the latest firmware updates to all your organisation’s EPOS devices, whenever it’s convenient for you and your end-users. Push new updates to an unlimited number of devices across your organisation from one simple dashboard. Schedule your automated updates to cause minimum downtime and disruption to your company’s workflow.

Configuration Management

Easy for you
easy for end-users

The centralised configuration option allows all settings to be controlled from the IT department, ensuring that headset user’s experience a simple plug and play solution. You can centrally push configurations or lock particular specifications on EPOS devices to comply with regulatory compliance settings for certain groups or individuals.


If you are looking for a wireless headset which gives your users the ability to untie themselves from their desk then our recommendation is the

This headset uses DECT technology, the most secure wireless headset technology on the market and provides 3-in-1 connectivity with softphone, mobile and desk phone.

The security of the DECT communication technology, managed centrally via EPOS Manager makes this the perfect headset for the any industry – as security is vital in all business communications.



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