Review of the New Jabra Evolve Headsets

Jabra_Evolve_65_04_420Jabra, the headset manufacturers, have always been an evolving company, having emerged from its Utah Roots to be subsequently based in Scotland and later acquired by the Danish GN Netcom. Indeed their product portfolio is a continuous evolution of design, form and function with an array of headsets of all sorts ( call center, VoIP, UC, sports, stereo, Bluetooth and wired and wireless ) which, I assume, owe their sleek blend of form and function to the Scandinavian influence of their parent company.

Well, the latest range of headsets on our Best4Systems portolio as the Jabra Evolve ™ - these are a stunning looking group of headsets with great features for business.

The Jabra Evolve ™ are available in a variety of models from the Jabra Evolve ™ 20 headsets to the Jabra Evolve ™ 30 and 40 versions with further models due to launch later in the year.

So what makes the Jabra Evolve Different?

The Jabra Evolve™ include some nice additions which enhance the experience for the operator such as a standard 3.5mm input, which accompanied by a control unit allows a user to listen to and control music in between calls via the high fidelity speakers in the headsets - the boom can even be clicked up into the headstrap for that ' not at the desk' feeling. This is in keeping with the Evolve's premise of allowing workers to "create your own concentration zone and improve your productivity."


In order to maintain this happy cocoon for workers the Evolve headsets come with both Active Noise Cancellation and Passive Noise Cancellation. The active eliminating low frequency whilst the passive blocks out higher frequencies by virtue of the ear cushion and speaker design.

A feature we particularly liked is the busy light, whereby a light on the headset is automatically lit during a call which warns colleagues that you are busy - further the user can turn the light on in order to concentrate on the matter in hand better.

Evolve Headset Design

In terms of comfort and usability these headsets stand out from the crowd but the aforementioned Scandinavian influence appears to have taken these to new levels of beauty with an attention to detail and proportion.

jabra evolve headset design

Evolve Headset Video

These are the perfect business headsets, especially for busy call or contact centres as they not only provide the necessary functionality for a call centre operator, but clearly have been designed with a little thought as well providing additional happiness for the user.

View the entire range of Jabra Evolve Headsets at Best4Systems - give us a call on 0844 824 6664 if you are interested in further information.