Long a stalwart of business headsets the Plantronics Supraplus have come to the end of their reign and will cease production this spring.

This means that many procurement officers will be asking themselves questions as to the best steps to take when re-equipping their staff with headsets as the Supraplus becomes end of line.

Luckily there are many options available for the Supraplus user concerned about what do do when they no longer are available as headset users do become accustomed to the operation of a headset and it is important to replace your Supraplus with a headset which will be easy to use as well as able to operate and connect to your current telephone system.

So we have put together some questions ( and answers ) which we hope will make you feel better about the Plantronics Supraplus no longer being available :


It may be possible to find some stock of the Plantronics Supraplus still on sale as some merchants may still hold inventory.
However there is a finite resource pool and at some stage the Supraplus will be unavailable/ out of stock.
It may though be possible to find refurbished Plantronics Supraplus headsets – enabling you to equip your staff with these for longer. This can not, though, be seen as a long term solution as at some stage these too will be unavailable.


The natural replacement is an equivalent Plantronics EncorePro Headset. labelled, Plantronics’ words as : The all-new generation of our most popular headsets..
The EncorePro will certainly deliver a simple transition from the SupraPlus, retaining all the functionality whilst keeping the familiarity of the headset’s design and features.


When buying headsets there are many things to consider once the basics : sound, comfort, connectivity and durability have been taken into account.
There is the investment and total cost of ownership to consider.
Here at Best4Systems we consider the Avalle Verso to be the stand out replacement for the Supraplus.
Not only does it fulfil all the basic requirements, but it delivers superior audio quality ( with Wideband Audio ). Moreover the Avalle Verso has some very useful features :

  • The Verso can be switched from monaural to binaural – delivering a choice for the wearer
  • The Verso is constructed in a modular way – this means that component pieces can easily be replaced
  • Quick Disconnect – the Verso has a generic QD connection lead meaning that you will not have to purchase a new lead
  • Support – Avalle is on the phone and accessible for immediate support should you have any issues

Try the world’s first headset that can transform between monaural and binaural wearing styles within seconds.
The Avalle Verso is available as both monaural and binaural versions which are noise cancelling and come with leatherette ear cushions – also available is the trio kit which contains all one requires to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. We consider this to be the best replacement for the SupraPlus