We Repair Headsets

All things come to an end, even the most expensive and well designed of modern devices; my daughter's oft smashed iPhone is a testament to this, however much you love a device, in the end it is vulnerable.
Well telephone headsets are no different. Headsets are used predominantly in business environments such as call centers and busy offices and as they are often put on or taken off and dropped on the floor and run over by chairs and caught up on things they are prone to injury.

Moreover, the development of Unified Communications systems and Microsoft Lync has really enhanced the role of the headset as a communications device. A headset is no longer merely a pipe to a telephone, now it is an integrated part of a whole chain of devices; both real and cloud based and, as such, has become more sophisticated, and more of an investment.


Telephone Headset Repair

Of course, with the increased investment, and the increased dependency on telephone headsets for business it is good to maintain them properly. This will increase operator satisfaction and the longevity of your headsets.

Best4Systems has a headset repair service whereby it is possible to send us headsets for either repair or renovation. We are able to not only repair hardware but put each headset through a rigorous and hygienic deep clean whilst replacing consumables such as ear cushions, cords and voice tubes. This service allows a far lower total cost of ownership whilst reducing waste - all good for the environment.

Peltor Headset Repair

Peltor manufacture headsets for a variety of conditions and environments. Their most defining feature being that they all offer protection and many allow two way speech from headset to headset . They are market leaders in the fields of Aviation headsets, construction, Army, Police, tactical, railway etc - environments which can be described as demanding. Best4Systems are a Platinum Peltor Distributor and have many years experience partnering Peltor and now offer a premium Peltor headset repair service. This means that it is now possible to breathe new life into your Peltor equipment with a proper sterilisation process as well as replacement and refurbishment of consumables.


So, if you are interested in either of these services - which fall under the general Best4Systems Repair Service then please get in touch with us for a quote at CONTACT or call us on 0844 824 6664