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How to educate if your school/ college/ university is closed?

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The virus has also placed strain on the essential services we all rely on; such as hospitals and healthcare professionals, emergency services and educational facilities.
All have had to evaluate how best to deal with the situation. As a result, it may the case that some students have to study from home.

The spread of Coronavirus has, unfortunately, forced the question :

how can we continue to teach during this outbreak?

There are a few simple steps to take, and tools to employ, to ensure learning continuity.

Most homes, schools, colleges, etc have sufficient broadband connectivity to provide a quality of service (QOS) good enough for online learning.

Microsoft Teams (and Office 365) and similar software allows teachers to set up groups (classes) to enable them to present and assign work to students. Use of Microsoft OneNote also facilitates this collaboration.

In many ways it can be said that the current levels of technology in education already actively support remote learning and the infrastructure is in place.
However there may well be a requirement for dedicated endpoints to allow easy and convenient access to lectures, webinars and to communication platforms such as headsets, speakerphones and computers.

Online Cloud meeting tools such as Zoom, Highfive, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, can also be used for groups, large and small, for video and audio conferencing.
Through this they can share lessons, information, and lectures. (for details of the most suitable tool for your requirements please contact our team :


According to research by the TES (Times Educational Supplement), it is widely accepted that, rather than embarking on new subjects or topics, this way of learning is ideal for revising and consolidating knowledge of parts of the syllabus already covered.
In other words revision. The learning behaviour does not need to change for this. The longer term breaks are slightly more complicated and require a different approach.
See the full article here:

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