If you want to have happy staff and an efficient front line then the Polycom VVX410 IP Phone is a superb desktop endpoint which is aimed at the busy operator or executive.
These telephones really do increase efficiency and productivity by virtue of their intelligent design, intuitive interface and integration with 3rd party programs for business use.

Polycom has a long legacy of producing the finest conference phones for businesses and now has firmly established itself in the field of Unified Communications, designing and manufacturing a wide range of devices, including IP telephones.

Display and Operation of the VVX410

It has a large and clear, colour LCD display which shows an icon driven and intuitive user interface. Control over the various functions is easy via 12 programmable keys, a navigation dialler and 12 line keys.

Call handling keys included are once touch access to speakerphone and headset switch, a mute key along with easy access to call transfer, message access and hold call.

The VVX441 has a webkit based browser which allows access to bespoke xml based intranet and extranet functions and applications.

Connectivity in the VVX410

The power for the telephone can be supplied by either a PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) – purchased separately or via POE ( Power Over Ethernet )

A generic RJ9 headset jack is included on the telephone, whilst there is provisioning for connection of EHS –

The phone is suitable for connection to VoIP/ SIP / IP telecoms platforms such as any Unified Communications system or Skype for Business and is capable of Gigabit connection speeds, the high data rate allowing very good sound performance.

Sound on the VVX410

Polycom vvx410 ip phoneAs one would expect from anything from Polycom’s stable the VVX410 has a crystal clear HD sound (using Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology) which is undiminished in quality during a conference call ( it is Duplex of course ).

The telephone will additionally allow local three way conferencing ( that is users of your own IP platform ).

So what we have here is a versatile desktop IP phone which is compatible with SIP protocol and allows integration with business logistics and processes and above all is easy to deploy and use and has a crystal clear sound.

If you are interested in the Polycom VVX410 IP phone then get in touch with us on 0844 824 6664 or contact us here : the product can be seen and purchased here : » Polycom VVX410