Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000

The Polycom SoundStation VTX1000 is one of the most durable players of Polycom’s dominance of the audio conferencing market, the unit is built on classic lines and is immediately recognisable due to its ubiquity.

What is it that makes the VTX 1000 so good?

beautiful audio conferencing

Well, maybe the first thing would be to ask someone what they require from a conferencing unit? I did ( a few people in the office ) and the results came back ( predictably ) as these : ” clear sound quality, good range, looks nice, easy to use, expandable”.

Well these all make sense and, in effect these demonstrate the enduring appeal of the VTX1000 as, indeed, the model is renowned for these very features. The SoundStation not only provides clear sound but one is able to converse in full duplex ( that both sides can speak at once ) making meetings seem natural; it also has ample range ( 30 feet ) for most meeting rooms; looks great and is easy to install ( you could call it plug and play ). The system also allows expansion via remote microphones and woofers to increase the spread and audio range.

Best4Systems stock the console only version of the Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 at a great saving as well as a host of additional accessories such as soundstation microphones, woofers and expansion kits. If you are looking for the VTX 1000 with full accessory list we have it here :
Polycom VTX1000 Microphones
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