What makes these different from a simple hands free speakerphone available on many office desktop telephones, you may wonder? Well, these Soundstation 2 conference phones allow full duplex natural simultaneous two way conversation – this means that you can sit around a desk and talk to people over the phone in a relaxed and clear manner, you no longer have to play ‘walkie talkie’ where one person speaks and you have to wait for them to finish before replying – no more ‘over and out’ – just clear and natural conversation between offices.

The Polycom Soundstation Conferencing Phones are one of the greatest contributions to office communications in the past fifty years. These are relatively small desktop appliances which can be used for full audio conferencing.

The unique nature of this telephony method is that one has comfort and clarity whilst communicating, there are various models and features available which allow traditional call routing or VoIP conferencing.
Top sellers from best4systems include the Polycom Soundstation LCD and the Polycom SoundStation 2 LCD Audio Conference phone – these are available in expandable versions which have the facility of adding microphones and speakers.
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