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polycom-logoNext week the CeBIT exhibition takes place in Hanover, Germany which covers a range of subjects in advancements and innovation in all things Digital. We were fascinated by the content of some of the talks which are scheduled on Internet security as well as the concept of "Industry 4.0" whereby manufacturing processes are revolutionised by virtue of the "smart" factory where the machines are more intelligent. Naturally as a communications supplier we were most interested at some new concepts in the pipeline from Polycom - a world leader in conferencing equipment and solutions.

The Solutions scheduled for discussions are the following :

RealConnect for Lync™

RealConnect from Polycom allows the simplification in cross compatibility over multi platforms of Unified Communications so that irrespective of the way in which calls or video conferencing are scheduled the user experience will be the same with Lync or Polycom's RealPresence no longer do you have to consider the platform in use by the , be it Cisco, Polycom or Microsoft Lync.

Polycom NoiseBlock

Noise block runs on a Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server and addresses the issue of background noise during a multi person conference actively muting sounds which are likely to make the discussion untenable.

Polycom Acoustic Bubble

This has to have the nicest name of almost any of Polycom's new initiatives and, similar to the Noiseblock - though aimed at single participant conversations (Polycom RealPresence Desktop) - it auto mutes the microphone when the speaker is not speaking vastly increasing clarity at the other end when the speaker is in an area with a lot of background noise.

Acoustic Bubble Video

EagleEye Producer

This is aimed at Video Conferencing situations using Polycom RealPresence Group Series - it uses facial recognition technology to track and monitor the conference participants. The EagleEye can focus, track and zoom into those taking part in an online business video conference and deliver a set of detailed statistics on how they have interacted. This provides key analytical data allowing real time analysis.

polycom eagle eye

In essence we can see that the company ( Polycom ) is indeed moving forwards and bringing fantastic initiatives to the table with new technology coupled with developing cross client protocols to ensure that we can all communicate seamlessly.

About Polycom

Polycom is the global leader in open, standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions for voice and video collaboration, trusted by more than 415,000 customers around the world. Polycom solutions are powered by the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform, comprehensive software infrastructure and rich APIs that interoperate with the broadest set of communication, business, mobile and cloud applications and devices to deliver secure face-to-face video collaboration in any environment. Polycom and its ecosystem of over 7,000 partners provide truly unified communications solutions that deliver the best user experience, highest multi-vendor interoperability, and lowest TCO. For more information on the conference please visit http://www.cebit.de/home

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