Poly Rove DECT Solution

VoIP Handsets for Mobile Workers

The Poly Rove is, in essence, a mobile DECT VoIP solution for business. That is to say that you can have several telephone handsets, connected to one or more DECT base stations to allow coverage and connection over a wide area.
The handsets are small and compact and ‘ruggedized’ to some extent ( IP65 means that they are dust and water resistant ) and they are even coated with an anti-microbial layer called Microban ®

Keep the conversation going whenever, wherever—at work. Built for on-site employees the Poly Rove wireless IP phone solution delivers the sweet freedom to move and the flexibility to scale as you grow. Dropped phone? No problem. You’re covered with ruggedized IP65, dust-tight, and water-resistant technology. Protection doesn’t stop there. Built to stay cleaner for longer with Microban® antimicrobial product protection. And guard your most critical conversations with DECT™ technology. We’ve got you covered. Built to last. Built to scale. Never miss a call.

  • Integrated Microban® antimicrobial product protection
  • Ruggedized IP65-rated handsets
  • Secure DECT™ encryption, even in repeater mode
  • Highly scalable system
  • Operable with Poly hands-free headsets
  • Cloud device management software

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Where to use the poly rove

DECT, as a solution, provides a high level of sound quality and the additional benefit of improved security. The Poly Rove delivers true mobility for workers, allowing easy access to communications and removing the necessity for loudspeaker announcements. The handsets are extremely suited for deployment in such areas as factories, warehouses, outdoors, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and logistics.


The Poly Rove Family

The DECT handsets and DECT repeaters present a fully scalable deployment of IP mobile handsets for a variety of working environments . The handsets are IP65 rated and built to withstand a drop onto solid floor from 6 feet.
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R8 Repeater

The Poly Rove R8 Repeater

Poly Rove 30

IP65 DECT Handset

Poly Rove 40

The 40 has integral Bluetooth