It is no secret that two massive communications companies have combined.
Plantronics – world leader in business headsets and Polycom – conference phone manufacturer and UC software provider have come together to form Poly in a wedding that promises more innovation, more symbiosis and more products for business communication.

Plantronics was the force behind the $2 Billion acquisition of Polycom which gives the new company ( Poly – from the Greek meaning ‘many’ – Πολú ) a full and encompassing power to connect people in a myriad of work and leisure situations.
The headset manufacturer will now be able to offer solutions for all levels of interpersonal and business communications and collaborations –


Joe Burton, Plantronics’ President and Chief Executive Officer

“We are pleased that Plantronics and Polycom are moving ahead as one company focused on putting people at the centre of every collaboration experience,Plantronics now offers an unparalleled portfolio of integrated, intelligent solutions that spans headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, and cloud services. This combined offering empowers people with the tools and flexibility they need to create the best experience when connecting to what is most important to them.”

UCC and team collaboration technology are unlocking human potential at work and at home. With this acquisition, Plantronics is focused on voice, video, content, and cloud solutions for every place that technology touches people as they work, share, collaborate, and play. As trends in enterprise communications move toward open work spaces and flexible work arrangements, the ecosystem of platforms and devices continues to expand. With the addition of Polycom’s leading portfolio, Plantronics can offer a premium experience regardless of the UCC solutions selected by the customer.

The two websites are still active for now with slightly different leanings, the Plantronics site offering hardware ( headset ) solutions for mobile worker, virtual workers, office worker and contact centre operators. Polycom still lead with conference phones, VoIP desk phones, installed audio and Microsoft solutions. Hence each division of the new Poly company still maintains its own identity online. We are sure that over time they will be amalgamated/ taken in under the corporate umbrella of Poly and form a real all in one solution for business, taking full advantage of their combined resources, expertise and portfolios to deliver something special.

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