If you are the sort of person that likes outdoor activities a good licence free radio can be of great use. It can be a useful tool in coordination, a fun thing to have or it can save your life in an emergency. Motorola design and manufacture market leading PMR446 radios which can be used for many outdoor pursuits. Personal mobile radios are increasingly popular for hikers, cyclists, fishing,

First let us explain what these are.

The UK Government made the wavelengths of the PMR446 network free and unlicensed which means that unlike traditional walkie talkies ( where an annual fee applies ) they are free to use. There are many manufacturers of licence free radios and Motorola is the market leader .

So what makes the basic walkie talkie so useful?


The simplicity of operation of the push to talk scenario makes comms all the more easy between two people. Furthermore where several personal radios are used it is possible for a group of people to keep in touch easily in the same conversation.

waterproof radios


Mobile phones require a network connection in order to communicate. Often in the case of outdoor activities in relatively remote locations you will find yourself out of range of the nearest mobile mast and hence unable to communicate. As mobile radios act as a free standing transmitter ( without the need of a 3rd party network provider ) they can be used anywhere.


With a standby battery life of well over a day most personal mobile radios will easily outlast a mobile phone. Their ability to work in any conditions and with a single button operation make them ideally suited for outdoor activities.


Unlike mobile phones a walkie talkie personal radio is built to withstand a bit of heavy use. Many models are dust and waterproof and all models are capable of withstanding quite a lot more maltreatment than the average mobile phone.

outdoor radios

These are popular in many activities from camping, hiking, mountain biking, skiing… you name it . Anywhere where people are in remote locations and can be separated and need to keep in touch . Personal mobile radios increase the security and safety of those travelling in a group as well as making it a lot more fun.

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