Plantronics CS540 - still going strong

Five years old and yet a perennial favourite for office workers the Plantronics CS540 headset still delivers both amazing value and quality in a business headset.
The CS540 was launched as the lightest DECT headset in the world and still lays claim to that title.
We look at this product, and try to work out why, in the face of so much innovation in the industry, it continues to hold its own in the face of stiff competition.


The Plantronics CS540 comes in a variety of options in wearing styles - giving the headset user the choice of three styles : over the ear, behind the head ( optional extra ) and the usual - over the head.
Of course the over the head wearing option is by far the most popular but many users do like the relaxed style of the behind the head and the unobtrusiveness of the over the ear option.

Being incredibly lightweight - only 21 grams, and having well made cushioning and balance the CS540 delivers a high level of comfort for the wearer making it a good choice for someone accustomed to wearing a headset for extended periods.



Plantronics are the world's leader in business headset technology and they poured all their know how into the CS540. The unit uses Cordless advanced Technology ( CAT-iq ) over a DECT connection which allows high quality VoIP to work with WideBand quality over DECT.
The noise cancelling microphone and digital signal processing minimises background interference allowing all parties involved in the conversation to enjoy a high level of acoustic clarity.

The CS540 also has SoungGuard inbuilt which protects the wearer from acoustic schock.


This is a DECT headset which means that the headset communicates with the base station with the same technology as used by modern digital cordless phones.
The base itself is connected by a generic RJ11 socket to the telephone and also provides a charging station with a magnetic hook up.
As many telephones may not have a dedicated headset port one can plug the headset directly into the handset port and use the optional extra that is the HL10.
This is an electronic handset lifter which automatically picks up the phone's handset when the headset answers the call - so allowing one to answer the call not only with the headset but away from the desk ( the CS540 has a range of up to 350 feet! ).

handset lifter


The Plantronics CS540 is still a top enterprise headset for any business scenario.
It offers extreme portability in a variety of office situations. Being monaural it allows easy conversations with colleagues without removing whilst providing unrivalled sound to all involved.


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