If you are involved with a job, profession or pastime which is associated with a high level of noise then some sort of ear protection is a must. If, further, you have the need to communicate with others – or just want to be able to hear if an alarm goes off then protective headsets with integral communications will likely be something of interest. This comes down to the need to protect yourself from noise but in a professional environment also your employer has a legal responsibility to protect you from potentially harmful sounds under the Noise at Work Directive.

In general the trades and pastimes we supply Peltor headsets to are the established ones such as those working in construction, on the rail network, the military, pit crew and hunting and shooting – the top manufacturer for these being 3M who have the Peltor brand in their stable.

Peltor Ear Defending Headsets

We were extremely pleased to spot a recent appearance on TV of the Top Gear team using some Peltor headsets during a rather ludicrous stunt on the river Avon on a home made hovercraft – they clearly made the best use of these devices to ensure total safety at all times, they come in a variety of wearing styles and can connect to almost anything via Bluetooth, DECT or Radio frequencies. You can view the full range here : Peltor Headsets

The Top Gear Show in Images

Clarkson Comfy in his Peltor Clarkson Comfy in his Peltor
The Other Two The Other Two – also sporting some lovely Peltor headsets
Hovercraft Hovercraft – Transit Van?

If you are involved in noisy work and need protective headsets or advice on Peltor Communications products or are planning ‘pimping a car to go down a river’ then get in touch with us and we will happily put our resources to act on your behalf.

NB : we are sorry that the listed presenters are no longer involved with the program and happy that the Beeb have found good replacements at last.